17th Edition Testing Kits

17th Edition Testing Kits

These kits come fully equipped with everything needed to test electrical installations in accordance with 17th Edition regulations. We offer various combinations of single function insulation, loop and RCD testers from top manufacturers including Megger, Martindale and Kewtech, ideal for those who prefer to use separate instruments.
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  1. Downloadable
  2. Automatic RCD Testing
  3. RCD Ramp Testing
  4. No-Trip Loop Test
  5. Calibration Certificate Included
  6. Remote Test Probe Inluded

About 17th Edition Testing Kits

The use of separate test instruments has traditionally been the preferred method of testing electrical installations and fixed wiring. Due to their ease of use and versatility, to this day they are still a favoured option for both trainee apprentice electricians and time served engineers alike.

Commonly comprising of a insulation resistance and continuity tester, a loop tester and an RCD tester, a 17th edition testing kit will cover all requirements of the electrical engineer performing electrical inspection and testing on domestic, commercial and industrial installations for single and three phase applications.

With some kits offering download utilities, anti-trip loop testing and automatic RCD testing, use our simple feature selection tool in order to narrow down your choice of kits from the likes of Martindale, Megger and Kewtech.