AC/DC HV Test Sets Hire

Our hire fleet of AC/DC High Voltage Sets can perform dielectric withstand tests (high potential tests) to check that insulation is sufficient for successfully isolating conductors during normal periods of transient over voltage. The test sets can be used to locate damaged insulation, stray wire strands, terminal spacing problems and tolerance errors in cables. Our hire range consists of the Hagenuk T 22/1 which performs AC Hipot tests, the Hagenuk 110 KVDC which performs DC tests and the Kikusui Flash Tester which can perform a 10kV AC/DC dielectric test. For more details or to arrange a hire, please phone 0113 248 9966 or click the "hire now" buttons below.
  1. Megger MIT525 5kV Insulation Resistance Tester


    • 5kV insulation testing
    • Polarisation index measurement
    • Dielectric absorption ratio
    • Ramp testing
    • Dielectric discharge
    • Large, advanced internal memory

    The Megger MIT525 5kV Insulation Resistance Tester is useful high voltage insulation tester that is capable of measuring the resistance of insulation in high voltage installations. It also offers readings for polarisation index, dielectric absorption ratio, step voltage testing, dielectric discharge testing and ramp testing.

    The tester can also perform insulation testing at lower voltages and has a maximum reading of 10TΩ. It has a clear digital display and operates from a rechargeable battery.

    7 Day Hire

    Excludes £10 Carriage Charge Each Way (Collection Optional)

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