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Anemometers & Airflow Meters

Anemometers & Airflow Meters

Our range of anemometers measure airflow, volume and temperature and are commonly used to test the efficiency of ventilation systems. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, with designs including rotating vane, cup vane and hotwire anemometers. We also offer air cones and hoods for leak-tight readings at grilles, diffusers and air valves.
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  1. Chauvin Arnoux
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  4. Kane
  5. Martindale
  6. Testo
  7. TPI
  8. TSI Airflow
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About Anemometers & Airflow Meters

Anemometers measure the velocity of air flow, volume flow and air temperature. This can be via a rotating vane, cup vane or hot-wire system and has several useful applications within the HVAC sector in addition to other indoor and outdoor uses, especially testing the performance of ventilation systems.

We supply a range of extremely compact anemometers of all three types including various instruments with internal memories and even wireless connectivity from manufacturers such as Chauvin Arnoux, Extech, Kane, Kimo, Martindale, Testo, TPI and TSI.

To help enhance the capabilities of our anemometer and airflow range, we supply a range of different hoods for use with vane anemometers. These accessories allow the anemometer to capture a larger measuring sample in order to improve accuracy.