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Battery Testing Equipment

Battery Testing Equipment

We offer a range of battery testing equipment, allowing you to test battery capacity to prevent expensive downtime in the event of a power failure. Megger Torkel Load Units perform accurate load/discharge testing for determining actual battery capacity.
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About Battery Testing Equipment

Our battery testers are capable of testing impedance and capacity in order to assess whether batteries are fit for purpose. This can help avoid costly down time on crucial battery-powered equipment whether this is in a vehicle, a piece of machinery or a telecommunications installation. Our product range covers Megger, Chauvin Arnoux, Extech, Ring and Tenmars.

For checking the emergency batteries on vital telecommunications masts, the Megger Torkel range can test that they are in good working order. This means that telecommunications signals can be maintained in the event of a blackout or power cut, thus safeguarding a vital piece of infrastructure.