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  • What is Legionella and How Do I Test for It?


    The legionella bacterium is a common species found in natural water bodies such as lakes and rivers as well as in man-made water systems used in domestic, commercial and industrial properties. In normal conditions, it poses very little problem for humans but favourable conditions will encourage its growth which in turn increases the risk of inhaling the bacteria and suffering from resultant Legionnaires’ disease (Legionellosis).

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  • Using Thermal Imaging to Trace Pipes and Locate Water Leaks


    The Problem:

    The presence of leaks in hot water systems is often first indicated by low boiler pressure or a constant need to top up the boiler, meaning that there is very little clue as to the location of a leak before investigations begin. Identifying hot water pipes throughout a property and finding water leaks can be a time-consuming and labour intensive process when the system is hidden under tiled or concrete flooring. Conventional inspections lead to digging up floors which in turn results in great expenditure in terms of both materials and labour as flooring is lifted and restored. Thermal imaging provides a cost-effective, time-saving solution to these problems.

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  • Safe Isolation of Gas Appliances: What is Technical Bulletin 118?


    Technical Bulletin 118 (TB118) from the Gas Safe Register - updated on 30th January 2018 - sets out the steps that should be taken by gas engineers to properly isolate appliances that use an electrical supply. This includes the majority of appliances in domestic and commercial environments. Safe electrical isolation is vital to ensuring that engineers do not receive a potentially dangerous electric shock, which can cause anything from mild discomfort to death.

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  • Ban the Bravado: NICEIC Campaign to Call in Registered Electricians


    The NICEIC and ELECSA have teamed up to launch a campaign that will encourage men to ditch the DIY when it comes to electricity and call in an expert. Every year, 12,500 house fires, 750 serious injuries, and 10 deaths are caused by unsafe electrics in domestic environments, often first installed by DIYers or inexpert handymen. The charity Electrical Safety First suggests that nearly half of all severe electrical shocks are caused by unsafe DIY. Such clear dangers have prompted the NICEIC to launch a campaign to ‘Ban the Bravado’ so that British men call in professionals to carry out vital electrical work, ensuring safety in domestic electrical systems.

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  • Industrial Socket Testing Made Easy

    PAT Training Industrial Socket Testing blog post - Martindale Electric - Header Banner

    When properly specified, socket testers provide a fast and effective solution to identify potentially unsafe installations and wiring faults. They can be particularly useful as a service tool for identifying potentially unsafe conditions prior to installing new plant and equipment. Socket testers are not an alternative to the full verification of wiring installations, however they are an essential tool for all maintenance teams as a first line indicator.

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  • Megger MFT1741 Review


    You work as a designer for a manufacturer of multifunction electrical test meters. For the last few years you've made meters which provide a standalone solution to most of the testing requirements of the 17th Edition of BS7671. Your meters are robust, reliable and easy to use. But you need to sell more meters. So what do you do to differentiate your new products from the rest of the fold?

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  • Free Seaward PAT Training Workshop at Test-Meter!

    Seaward Training Banner

    Here at Test-Meter, we are hosting a free Seaward PAT training workshop at our Calibration House premises on Friday 11th May 2018. The course, starting at 09:00, will feature a first look at the Seaward Apollo+ range and goes through how the latest PAT technology can enhance your business.

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