Advantages of Power and Energy Logging for Businesses


Studies suggest that low cost fixes - particularly to do with more efficient use of energy - can save up to 20% of operating costs in electrical installations and production facilities. Regular monitoring and analysis of bills and overall consumption can help highlight when there is a problem but unfortunately do not isolate the source of wastage. Power and energy loggers (PELs) provide the most convenient and accurate way of measuring electricity use, thus locating malfunctioning processes within an installation which can then be remedied.

Why use a PEL?

Although most relatively modern installations do boast some form of rudimentary energy monitoring facility, these systems are often quite crude and provide only basic information on energy loss and usage. Moreover, variables are measured at only one point within the installation so problems limited to specific areas will not be picked up and the user inevitably receives an incomplete picture of energy use.

PELs are extremely lightweight and portable which carries great advantages compared to the fixed monitoring found on most energy management systems. Principally, it allows the user to install them at multiple points in an installation, whether consecutively or using multiple loggers simultaneously, thus making it easier to locate a fault. PELs are easy to install and can measure a range of parameters that allow the user to pinpoint the location and nature of a problem so are ideal for targeted monitoring.

Extensive Monitoring for Hidden Problems

Although PELs are effective when used to diagnose known faults, one of their main advantages compared to the standard tools provided in installations is more in-depth monitoring. A logger will be able to provide detailed figures for voltage, current, power, phase angle cos, tan, power factor THD and information on harmonics.

PELs typically have three or four voltage inputs and three or four current inputs which allows them to monitor three phase systems so they are suitable for complex plant and machinery. This wider scope of measurement parameters helps pick up hidden problems that may remain obscured when taking a less intensive view of system functions.

Instant Access Across Sites

As mentioned above, PELs can be installed at various different points in a facility to monitor the energy consumption of specific areas. Multiple PELs can be deployed at once in order to provide a thorough dataset for future analysis, whether using the onboard technology on the loggers themselves or via a PC software package.

One of the notable advantages of modern data loggers is that they can communicate measurements over ethernet, USB or even Wi-Fi in real time and this can be viewed from a central control unit. This gives incredible insight into electricity use throughout a site or across multiple facilities in one place and therefore highlights anomalous patterns that indicate a fault without even having to travel to the sites.

Our Power Quality Analysers

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NB - You can find out more about PELs and a whole range of subjects at Chauvin Arnoux's dedicated site. This post has been based on the article entitled 'Power and Energy Logging'.