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New to Test-Meter: the C.Scope Cable Avoidance Range


Test-Meter.co.uk has recently greatly expanded its C.Scope range to stock the latest in the company’s advanced cable avoidance technology. The complex infrastructure found in most major cities now presents a web of hidden obstacles to workers during the excavation phase of major projects and it is vital to avoid cable strikes when digging as electricity and gas lines pose a major threat to life in addition to heavy financial penalties.The C.Scope range of signal generators, cable locators and accessories is ideal for tracing cables, metal pipes and non-metallic pipes for fully comprehensive pre-excavation surveys.

Cable Locators

Several different cable locators provide the user with plenty of choice when locating buried piping and cables. All instruments have two standalone modes - power and radio - which pick up either the magnetic field emanating from live electricity lines or on radio-type signals given off by some cables and metal pipes. This provides excellent flexibility as it means the user does not necessarily need a signal generator to locate major buried obstructions. Every model apart from the CXL3 and DXL3 also has AllScan mode which picks up on stray signals outside the frequency range of other modes. Aside from each locator’s excellent detection capabilities, the user also has the option of Bluetooth®, datalogging and depth measurement.

Signal Generators/Transmitters

To make the most of the cable locators, it is important to use a C.Scope Signal Generator or Transmitter. These instruments can energise a pipe or cable through contact, wraparound or above-ground induction which enables the user to trace known metal cables and pipes as well as to check for the presence of other metal obstacles. Adjustable power outputs maintain a clear signal in noisy environments whilst pulsed and continuous signal outputs are another important way of distinguishing the signal from others detected by the locator. Similarly to cable locators, a datalogging function is available on the SGV4 and MXT4 which record all activity, thus facilitating straightforward analysis.

Multiple frequencies, multiple functions

C.Scope MXL4 Locators and the MXT4 Transmitter stand out from the rest of the range thanks to their multi-frequency transmission and detection. All instruments emit and pick up a standard 33kHz signal which is suitable for energising most metal pipes and cables underground and several also use a high-frequency 131kHz signal which is better for very thin or short wiring, such as that found in street lighting. Unlike with other models, an 8kHz low frequency signal can be transmitted and detected by the MXT4 and MXL4 which makes them more suited for accurately tracing longer metal cables and piping. Additional ultra-low frequencies of 640Hz and 512Hz can be fed into metallic pipe sondes in order to trace them but also to locate obstructions within the pipes themselves, thus enabling pipe inspections in addition to simple pre-excavation tracing.


The functionality of the cable locators and signal generators can be further enhanced by C.Scope’s wide range of accessories. Pipe sondes transmit at 33kHz, 8kHz, 640Hz and 512Hz in order to enable end tracing and line tracing on metallic and non-metallic piping. With small diameters and waterproof casing, these sondes are suitable for intricate pipework and can be relied upon time after time. Easier line tracing on plastic piping is provided by C.Scope plastic pipe tracers and the flexible pipe tracer. They are optimised for transmitting a 33kHz signal throughout a pipe with an integrated sonde at the end thus enabling speedy line and end tracing. Additionally, a signal clamp and injector allow transmitters to energise structural power supplies and use the wraparound energisation technique.

C.Scope’s underground cable location range is ideal for professionals across several industries including rail, construction and utility maintenance. In addition to powerful cable locators, the wide range of transmitters, sondes and pipe tracers facilitates the discovery of previously unknown subterranean obstacles as well as the tracing of known pipes and cables and inspection of potential blockages within the pipes themselves. With high build quality and a three-year warranty as standard, the C.Scope cable location range contains the ideal instruments for reliable, comprehensive detection of all potential buried obstacles.