Test-Meter Hosts Seaward PAT Testing Workshop


Test-Meter welcomed Seaward Electronic to Calibration House on Friday morning to conduct a free PAT Implementation and FAQs workshop for a range of participants from across Yorkshire. A class of 23 - including electricians, landlords, caretakers and PAT testing professionals - was in attendance as Seaward’s experienced tutors went through some of the main issues related to PAT testing and presented their latest PAT equipment.

PAT Testing Implementation

The workshop kicked off with some great advice on the legal requirements surrounding PAT testing in the UK before moving onto some guidance on common practice in the industry. This was then followed by a practical demonstration of how to perform a PAT risk assessment. Finally, the workshop discussed the context of PAT testing in terms of improving safety across an organisation as well as how to run an efficient PAT testing system.

One of the most interesting points to come out of the course dealt with the testing of fixed appliances. There is often a grey area when it comes to who should test these items which provoked debate among the attendees. Further notable discussions brought up the dangers of counterfeit goods, electrical safety and awareness of product recalls.


Latest Seaward PAT Equipment

Workshop participants got the chance to get their hands on the full Seaward PAT testing range including the Primetest series, the Apollo+ series and the Supernova Elite.

With different options catering to the varied needs of professional PAT testers, electricians or caretakers, the range of testers on display showcased some of the best PAT testing solutions the market has to offer.

A happy participant also walked away with a brand new Seaward Primetest 100 PAT Tester, after winning the prize draw!

Seaward PAT Testing Course


A Great Morning at Test-Meter!

With a capacity attendance of 23 and an engaging talk from Seaward’s team, it was a great morning at Calibration House and we were pleased to host the event for PAT technicians around Yorkshire. Some interesting points of discussion came up and it was fantastic to have Seaward’s whole range explained by the people who know it best. A big thank you to Seaward and everyone who attended Friday's workshop!