Top Five New Products of the Year 2018


2018 has been an exciting year for test equipment with several big releases that have introduced new functionality to help technicians in their work. New products have been released in the gas, electrical and building sectors so we’ve taken a look back at the previous year and chosen our five favourite new products of 2018!


Anton Sprint Pro Flue Gas Analysers

The Anton Sprint Pro flue gas analyser range stands out because of its innovative dual protection from moisture ingress via the flue probe. A moisture filter is positioned on top of an easily emptied condensate trap with a reusable foam particulate filter that provides further protection for the analyser. A second moisture filter at the click-in connection makes these analysers extremely resistant to moisture ingress, even if there is a problem with the condensate trap. There are multiple models contained within the Anton Sprint Pro range, including options for ambient CO, gas leak detection, NO and direct CO2 measurement whilst multiple kit options allow the user to perform inflow/outflow measurements and test flueless appliances.


Metrel A1532 Electric Vehicle Charging Station Adaptor

The Metrel A1532 Electric Vehicle Charging Station Adaptor is an innovative piece of kit from Metrel that allows a user to carry out comprehensive testing on electric vehicle (EVSE) charging points when used in conjunction with a Metrel MFT such as the MI3125BT or MI3152. The adaptor effectively allows the user to simulate the effects of a vehicle attached to a charging point in order to test its safety and functionality. With electric vehicles set to grow in popularity over the coming years, the adaptor constitutes a great option for domestic and commercial electricians. We have even put together a pair of Metrel EVSE Kits that have everything you need to start work straight away on EVSE points.



Tramex DL-RHTX Feedback Humidity Monitor

The Tramex DL-RHTX Feedback Temperature and Humidity Data Logger brought a new, modern edge to temperature and humidity monitoring earlier this year. With an air temperature measurement range of -40˚C to 125˚C and a humidity range of 0 to 100%, it is capable of monitoring extreme conditions in building/refurbishment projects but stands out principally for its smart capabilities. By working with the Tramex Feedback DataLogger App, the monitor can work with the user’s iOS or Android smart device to view measured and calculated readings on screen as well as producing useful reports that can be quickly distributed over the internet.



Testo 300 Flue Gas Analyser

Touchscreens have been commonplace on test equipment for a number of years but the Testo 300 Flue Gas Analyser is the first flue gas analyser to feature a smartphone-style intuitive operation system. In addition to measuring a wide range of different variables (CO, CO2, draught, pressure, O2, temperature, pressure etc.), the analyser allows the user to add a customised address book, view advanced graphical representations of results, and produce PDF reports without needing any advanced software. It has WLAN wireless connectivity and an enormous internal memory which make it practical as well as sophisticated whilst a range of kit options for the Testo 300 and 300 LL provide great choice for the user.



Seaward Apollo+ PAT Tester Range

Last but not least, Seaward improved on their industry-leading Apollo PAT Tester range to create the Apollo 400+, 500+ and 600+. In addition to the impressive testing and result management features found on the previous models, the new versions now boast a database search function and improved functionality as well as an external battery pack that helps prevent downtime in the field by making it easy to swap batteries. Furthermore, the 500+ and 600+ can now create and read QR-coded PAT labels which can be scanned with the end user’s smartphone, keeping clients up to date with their appliances’ condition.


For more information on any of these products, please take a look at the appropriate product page or call us on 0113 248 9966.