Cable Avoidance Tool Accessories

Our range of cable avoidance tool accessories includes signal clamps, pipe tracers, signal injectors, cases magnetometers, metal detectors and pipe sondes. These greatly enhance the capabilities of cable avoidance tools and signal generators as they allow tracing of non-metallic pipes and obstacles in addition to location of blockages in metallic and non-metallic pipework.
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  1. C-Scope

About Cable Avoidance Tool Accessories

Cable avoidance tool accessories enhance the capabilities of cable avoidance tools and signal generators. Our range of C.Scope equipment works with the instruments to allow tracing of non-metallic pipes and location of blockages in both non-metallic and metallic pipes

We stock a wide range of sondes which vary in their radio signal frequency outputs. This makes each sonde suitable for different sizes of metal pipe has a higher frequency is needed for thinner pipes whilst a much lower frequency is needed for large pipes. We have sondes emitting frequencies between 33kHz and 512Hz. To find a blockage within a plastic or metal pipe, all the user needs to is feed the sonde in, energise it with a signal genrator and then search along the pipeline above ground with the cable avoidance tool.

Operating on a similar principle to sondes, pipe tracers can be fed into non-metallic pipes and then energised so that the user can trace their path across a site. We offer pipe tracers in lengths of 20m, 50m, or 80m. These pipe tracers constitute the only way of tracing a non-metallic pipe using a cable avoidance tool.

Finally, a metal cover detector will allow quick scanning of an area for any hidden metallic covers near the surface. As a standalone instrument, it is ideal for a single to user to perform a rapid check over a large site. A magnetometer, meanwhile, will perform a similar function on ferrous metals down to a depth of 5m.