Cable Test Equipment Hire

We have an extensive cable testing hire range from manufacturers such as Accles, B2, Baur, Megger, Seba and Suparule which enable fault location, cable spiking, cable height measurement and transmission tests. Instruments include time domain reflectometers, cable fault locators, cable spikers and insulation fault locators. For more details or to arrange a hire, please phone 0113 248 9966 or click the "hire now" buttons below.
  1. Accles Cable Spiker (Hire Only)


    • Cartridge powered
    • Drives spike through live HV cable
    • Creates instant short circuit
    • Solves problem of blade withdrawal
    • High quality and durable
    • Safe and definitive cable de-energisation

    The Accles Cable Spiker is a cartridge powered instrument that uses a steel spike to cut into cables and therefore create a short circuit and make the rest of the cable dead and safe to remove or work on. It constitutes an efficient, simple solution to the challenges posed by blade withdrawal from polymeric cables. The sturdy design means that the cable spiker is trusted all over the world and it provides a definitive way of making sure that a cable is dead and therefore safe to remove and work on.

    Part number: HCSP.1

    7 Day Hire

    Excludes £25+VAT carriage charge each way

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  2. B2 HVA60 VLF Cable Tester (Hire Only)


    • 0.1Hz VLF AC voltage tests
    • Test voltage level up to 62kV
    • Suitable for numerous cable types
    • Automatic or manual test sequences
    • Stores results on internal memory
    • Active arc management regulation

    A lightweight unit, the B2 HVA60 nevertheless offers powerful testing capabilities including a very low frequency AC test voltage for testing withstand capacity on cables of up to 15km in length. Alongside the VLF mode, there is also a DC fault conditioning (burning) mode and a sheath/jacket testing mode. It offers a proven alternative to traditional DC ‘Hipot’ tests and can follow test sequences either automatically or manually.

    The potential load goes up to 5F and the instrument features automatic and integrated load capacitance measurement with automatic frequency selection. It is protected with active arc management regulation and offers truly symmetrical outputs across the range. An internal memory allows the user to record test results for subsequent transfer to a PC.

    Part number: HVLF.2

    7 Day Hire

    Excludes £25+VAT carriage charge each way

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  3. B2 HVA94 VLF Cable Tester (Hire Only)


    • Assesses MV & sub-transmission cables
    • Large internal memory
    • Extremely high VLF AC voltages
    • Powerful output capacity
    • Suitable for testing long cables
    • Automatic test sequences

    The B2 HVA94 VLF/TAN Delta Tester is capable of testing a cable’s AC voltage withstand capacity by injecting an extremely low-frequency AC test voltage of up to 94kV. The performance of the cable will then be determined according to a simple PASS/FAIL function. The high power output is ideal for testing long cables (up to 3.3km) and the general testing capability of the instrument mean it is suited to both medium voltage cables and sub transmission class cables.

    Despite its extremely powerful testing capabilities, the B2 HVA94 is extremely light. It is also possible to set automatic test sequences, either by using the interface on the instrument itself or by transferring them from a PC with supplied HVA Control Centre software. Test reports can be downloaded to the instrument’s internal memory or to a USB memory stick.

    Part number: HVLF.4

    7 Day Hire

    Excludes £25+VAT carriage charge each way

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  4. Baur KSG 100 Cable Identification System (Hire Only)


    • Identifies single or multicore cables
    • Can be used on bundles and strands
    • Transmitter and receiver with flexible coupler
    • Units equipped with micro-controllers
    • Identifies cable through current signal data
    • Latest software algorithms check plausibility

    The KSG 100 Cable Identification System is designed to identify single and multicore cables from bundles and strands. This is achieved through a transmitter which injects the charge from a capacitor into the target cable. A transmitter with a Rogowski coil is then employed to detect the current flow direction, amplitude and pulse in order to ascertain whether the cable is the correct one.

    Both the transmitter and the receiver have built-in micro-controllers so they can communicate with one another. Innovative software algorithms carry out multiple plausibility checks to ensure that the system is simple to use and reliable.

    Part number: HCAI.5

    7 Day Hire

    Excludes £25+VAT carriage charge each way

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  5. Baur Shirla Sheath Fault Locator (Hire Only)


    • Test voltages up to 10kV
    • Resistance measurement
    • Cable and cable sheath testing
    • Fault pre-location
    • High-precision measurement
    • Supplied with cable sections

    The Baur Shirla Sheath Fault Locator is a useful instrument for checking for faults in conductors and the sheaths that insulate conductors through 10kV test voltages. It is also capable of fault pre-location using the high precision measuring bridge so issues can be highlighted before they develop into full-blown problems. The instrument is also capable of measuring resistance

    An integrated Baur Shirla Pinpointer is capable of exactly locating sheath faults thanks to definable cable sections identifiable and adjustable by length, cross-sectional area and conductor-type. This makes the Baur Shirla ideal for testing for sheath and earth faults on a range of different cables.

    Part number: HCSH.1

    7 Day Hire

    Excludes £25+VAT carriage charge each way

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  6. IUP Fault Wizard (Hire Only)


    • Automated arc reflection technology
    • Imperial & metric distance units
    • Fault-type indication
    • Battery voltage indication
    • Velocity of propagation setting
    • No need to view waveforms

    The IUP Fault Wizard is a handy piece of kit which measures a range of parameters surrounding faults in electrical cables in order to ascertain their exact location as well as the nature of the fault. It can analyse waveforms in order to measure the distance to the fault in either metres or feet and gives an indication as to whether the fault is an open or short fault.

    The measurement system is based on IUP’s innovative automated arc-reflection technology which helps ensure user safety and improve accuracy in inspections. Waveform can be stored for retrieval and viewing on a compute by using Fault Wizard Software so this is an excellent tester for accurately analysing and locating cable faults, thus avoiding disastrous voltage breakdown.

    Part number: HCFL.3

    7 Day Hire

    Excludes £25+VAT carriage charge each way

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  7. Megger Pinpointer 2000 Cable Fault Locator (Hire Only)


    • Light yet hardy design
    • Adjustable neck strap
    • Compatible with any surge generator
    • Shielded ground microphone
    • Integrated adjustable loudspeaker
    • Measure acoustic discharge

    The Megger Pinpointer 2000 Cable Fault Locator can work with any surge generator to find faults in buried conductors. It works by detecting acoustic and electromagnetic fields given off at faults when a high voltage impulse is fed through a cable by a surge generator. This is done through a shielded ground microphone which then relays the acoustic signal to the instrument’s loudspeaker. The screen also gives an indication of electromagnetic signal strength and direction. The difference between the two signals allows the instrument to calculate the relative distance to the fault.

    The lightweight casing is IP54 rated for weather, water and dust resistance whilst a useful neck strap allows the unit to be carried hands free. The touchpad allows the user to adjust the loudspeaker volume and mute the audio output if necessary. The instrument is powered by 8 AA batteries.

    Part number: HCBL.1

    7 Day Hire

    Excludes £25+VAT carriage charge each way

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  8. Megger TDR2000/3 Advanced Dual Channel TDR


    • Large colour WVGA screen
    • Maximum resolution: 0.1m
    • Maximum distance range: 20km
    • Dual trace and dual cursor
    • Trace comparison feature
    • AutoFind mode for fault location

    The Megger TDR2000/3 Time Domain Reflectometer is a useful tool for finding faults on metallic cables and checking that the end is correctly connected. It transmits an incident signal down the conductor to test if impedance is uniform throughout and any reflected feedback indicates faults in the cable. The transmitted signal is absorbed by a correct connection but reflects back from an incorrect connection. The velocity factor is adjustable between 0.2 and 0.99 to fit any cable type and the user can choose between impedances of 25, 50, 75, 100 and 125 or use the automatic impedance matching function. The TDR2000/3 measures cable length up to 20km with a resolution as low as 0.1m.

    Results are shown on the graphical colour display which has a dual cursor and dual trace function in addition to trace comparison and fault AutoFind. Manual override is available to find hard-to-see faults but automatic mode assesses traces quickly to find more obvious problems. The internal memory of the reflectometer has enough space for 100 traces and these can be dowloaded to a PC using the USB port.

    Part number: HTDR.3

    7 Day Hire

    Excludes £25+VAT carriage charge each way

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  9. Seba KMT EZ-Thump Cable Fault Locator (Hire Only)


    • Compact and lightweight
    • Fully automatic and user-friendly
    • Suitable for LV and MV cables
    • Battery or mains operation
    • Compares ARM reference and fault trace
    • Measures distance to fault, joints and end

    The Seba KMT EZ-THUMP provides the user with the ability to measure a large array of different factors to do with cable faults on low voltage and medium voltage cables. The 5.7” LCD screen can project readings in a graphical form as well as giving readings for distances to cable end, fault positions and joints. The instrument compares the fault trace to the ARM reference and shows them side by side. The integrated J surge generator provides acoustic pinpointing of faults and the DC function allows breakdown detection, insulation measurement and cable testing. A pulses output voltage enables sheath fault location through step voltage.

    The EZ-THUMP is incredibly user friendly as it is a fully automatic tester that only needs to be connected to the cable and switched onto start fault pre-location. This makes it suitable for both inexperienced and occasional users. The whole instrument is operated using a simple rotary dial and can operate either on mains power or from its batteries. It is a lightweight and portable instrument.

    Part number: HCFL.4

    7 Day Hire

    Excludes £25+VAT carriage charge each way

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  10. Suparule 600 Cable Height Meter (Hire Only)


    • Trusted by utilities and governments
    • Measuring range: 0 to 15m
    • Resolution: 1mm
    • Displays air temperature
    • Metric or imperial units
    • Battery lasts for 50,000 measurements

    The Suparule 600 Cable Height Meter uses a laser to measure the hight of cables up to 15m with excellent precision of just 1mm. The user can choose between metric and imperial units and the meter continuously displays air temperature. Appropriate applications include measuring cable sag, measuring cable height and measuring overhead clearance. This allows cables to be installed at the correct height and also helps safeguard workers and the public by checking whether live cables are positioned at a safe distance.

    The 9V battery powers the instrument for up to 50,000 separate readings and results are clearly displayed on the digital screen. It is a robust and sturdy instrument which is an incredibly useful tool for those working in overhead cable maintenance.

    Part number: SDMT.2

    7 Day Hire

    Excludes £25+VAT carriage charge each way

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