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Clamp Adaptors

Clamp Adaptors

Clamp adaptors are attachments to multimeters, earth testers and other test and measurement equipment which allows them to better measure AC/DC current. They typically allow testers to measure current over a much greater range and often have specialised clamps that are easier to wrap around conductors compared to contact measurement via conventional test leads.

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  8. Metrel
Compatible with
  1. Power Quality Analyzers
  2. Multimeters
Max AC Current
1000A >2000A 1000A to >2000A
Jaw / Conductor Size
  1. ≥50mm
  2. ≥60mm
  3. ≥100mm
Max AC/DC Voltage
  1. 600V
  2. 1000V

About Clamp Adaptors

Clamp adaptors allow greater current measurement from earth testers, multifunction testers, multimeters and more. Typical uses include measuring earth leakage current coming through protective earth conductors and measuring a greater range of AC/DC current with a tester or meter.

Many clamp adaptors have specialised clamps such as flexible clamps which are easy to wrap around conductors in crowded panels or around multiple conductors to measure the total amps going through a system. Several also have integrated torches for easier work in poor lighting conditions. Clap adaptors usually have a lengthy, flexible cable which attaches to the tester and allows the user to manoeuvre it simply and easily.