Cropico RH9A-2 High Resistance Decade Box


Resistance calibration box with 6 decades for simulating resistances from 1kΩ to 100MΩ. Offers 0.1% accuracy for high precision calibrating.

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Cropico RH9A-2 High Resistance Decade Box

The Cropico RH9A-2 is a high resistance, high voltage decade resistance box that has been designed using the Cropico high quality SP1 switch and specially selected resistors. The RH9A-1 resistance calibration box is ideal for the calibration of insulation test equipment that has a voltage rating of up to 5kV. This high precision resistor substitution box has three decades for resistance measurement from 1 kilo ohm to 100 Mega ohms, perfectly suitable for use in both the laboratory workshop or in the field. With a resolution of 1kΩ and an accuracy from 0.1% to 1% depending on resistor setup, this decade resistor box is a very precise instrument with an impressive range of high ohm resistance decades available. The RH9A pictured above is for illustration purposes.

Decade Accuracy Max V/Step Power Rating
10 x 1kΩ ±0.1% 25V 1 Watt
10 x 10kΩ ±0.1% 100V 1 Watt
10 x 100kΩ ±0.1% 250V 1 Watt
10 x 1MΩ ±0.1% 500V 1 Watt
10 x 10MΩ ±1% 4000V 1.5Watts
10 x 100MΩ ±1% 4000V 1.5 Watts
More Information
  • Voltage Coefficient: 1ppm/V
  • Temperature Coefficient: 50ppm/°C - 100ppm/°C 
  • Dimensions: 460 x 380 x 160mm 
  • Weight: 8kg