Data Cable Testers

Data Cable Testers

Data cable testers are used to make sure that data transfer cables in local area networks (LAN) and wider area networks (WAN) are correctly installed. They all perform a wire map of cables to make sure that each pair of wires corresponds with the correct connections at either end.
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About Data Cable Testers

Data cable testers provide a useful, user-friendly method of checking that data cables (video, audio and data) have been correctly punched down at both ends. They work by performing a wire map of the cable which checks whether the paired wires within the cable correspond with the correct terminals at either end of the wire. 99% of faults in data cables occur due to incorrect punching down so data cable testers can save lots of time by simply indicating where a cable needs to be re-punched.

Each data cable tester provides the user with a simple PASS/FAIL indication alongside two lists of numbers which should correspond with each other in the event of a pass indication. Cable testers vary in their capabilities but each one performs this basic function.

In addition to a wire map, data cable testers also offer functions such as distance-to-fault readings and a transmission test which simulates actual activity on the network to check it is fit for purpose. It is also useful to consider whether they are capable of proving a printed guarantee of correct installation, whether this is a simple printed document or a manufacturer's guarantee for business-critical networks.