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Electrical Safety & Machinery Testers

Electrical Safety & Machinery Testers

Intended to perform all necessary measurements for testing the electrical safety of portable electrical equipment, machines and switchgears we have a range of machinery and electrical safety testers from Metrel, Clare, Seaward and Chauvin Arnoux.
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About Electrical Safety & Machinery Testers

Electrical safety and machinery testers perform a range of useful tests to make sure that electrical equipment is safe to use under various conditions. We stock testers from Chauvin Arnoux, Clare, and Metrel and these perform tests such as dielectric strength (flash) testing, voltage drop, continuity testing, insulation resistance testing, leakage current measurement, discharge timing and functional testing.

Functional tests may include power factor, apparent/active power, voltage, current and frequency testing. These tests constitute an important way of making sure that electrical equipment remains safe under fault conditions.