Electrical Testing Accessories

Electrical Testing Accessories

We stock a wide range of 18th Edition and Part P accessories to improve the efficiency and safety of testing electrical circuits. We've got with everything from R2 socket adaptors, extension reels and jump leads for electricians and Part P installers.
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About Electrical Testing Accessories

Testing accessories exist to aid in testing electrical installations by simply speeding up the process. From time to time, it is simply not practicable to remove socket facias, light fittings and other electrical accessories in order to connect your test instrument.

Perhaps you wish to carry a spare set of fuses for your test instrument, or you may be wondering how to conduct a supplementary bonding test to a service pipe which is four meters in the air without risking the use of a ladder, rest assured we carry a wide range of testing accessories in stock.

Testing accessories tend to use the universal 4mm socket adaptor interface; the accessories listed within this category will retrofit existing test equipment from the likes of Kewtech, Metrel, Dilog, Seaward and Megger.