Elster A1700 Three Phase Smart Meter (100A Direct Connected)

  • Suitable for industrial and commercial energy metering
  • Monitors three-phase, four-wire systems up to 240V
  • MID-certified to Class A, B or C
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Due to ship August 2022

Product Details

Elster A1700 Three Phase Smart Meter (100A Direct Connected)

The Elster A1700 Three Phase Smart Meter (100A Direct Connected) is a sophisticated, versatile electricity meter which is suitable for commercial and industrial applications. It boasts all the features necessary to work well in such environments. Most importantly, it can monitor three-phase, four-wire systems as well as three-phase, three-wire systems.

The ability to facilitate complex tariffs is essential to the Elster A1700’s usability in both industrial and commercial environments. It can perform both direct connected monitoring as well as CT and CT/VT metering as a single instrument or as part of a wider monitoring system.

The clear, digital screen features a fully customisable display and optical interface for communication on site whilst the Elster A1700’s two slots allow the user to fit an input/output and an RS232 or RS485 communications module for block installation so the device is very adaptable.

Load profile data can be saved for up to 900 days whilst the user also has the option of 450 days’ load storage in addition to 370 days of instrumentation profile data. The Elster A1700’s data stream mode allows for 90 days’ worth of half-an-hour profile data to be collected in under 30 seconds.

An impressive array of communications technology can be attached to the Elster A1700, thereby catering for a wide range of functions. Possible connectivity types include PSTN, GSM, Ethernet and PAKNET so the Elster A1700 is very versatile.

Businesses, tenants, landlords, providers and consumers can have confidence in the Elster A1700 as it meets Class A, B or C for EC Directive 2004/22/EC and is therefore MID-approved. Overall, the device provides a versatile, trustworthy method of monitoring energy use within industrial and commercial settings.

Key Features

  • Suitable for industrial and commercial usage
  • Direct connected monitoring
  • CT, CT/VT metering
  • Works as a stand alone instrument or as part of a system
  • RS232 or RS485 communications for block installations
  • PTSM, GSM, Ethernet and PAKNET communication
  • MID-approved to Class A, B or C
  • Fully customisable display
  • 100A Direct Connected
  • 240V max.
  • Data storage up to 900 days
  • OFGEM-certified life of 10 years
More Information

Measured Quantities

  • kWh total import/export
  • kvarh Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4
  • kVAh (2 calculated values)
  • 3 customer defined registers -
  • summation of up to 5 values
  • 4 inputs for external meters (if fitted)

Tariff Structure

  • 32 Time of use registers
  • 8 Maximum demand registers (block or sliding)
  • 5 Co-incident demands
  • 2 Sliding demands
  • 12 Seasons
  • 24 Season changeover dates
  • 96 Switching times
  • 64 Exclusion dates

The above may vary according to firmware version

Programmable deferred tariff and display

Data Storage

  • Programmable integration period
  • Load profile storage or instrumentation quantity
  • Demand & instrumentation integration periods independently defined

Number of days based on 30 minute period, 1 channel

  • Measured load profile: 900; 450; 450; 0
  • Instrumentation profile: 0, 0, 370, 450

Up to 36 sets of historical data. Fully customer defined, multilingual


  • Four input module - End of billing, end of integration period, inputs from external meters
  • Four output relay module - Retransmit pulses from energy registers, customer defined registers or any time-of-use register
  • Option of three solid-state relays and one 5A relay or four solidstate relays


  • Local: IEC 62056-21 (formerly IEC 61107)
  • Remote: Interchangeable modules (RS232, RS485 or customer specific)
  • Media : GSM, PSTN, Ethernet, PAKNET

Sealed flip-up lid

  • Conceals utility/reset pushbutton
  • Provides for customers own information to be securely added to the nameplate
  • Allows visual identification of modules fitted


  • ANSI communications port
  • 9.5 mm terminal block

Technical Data

  • Current Range: CT operated – 5-6A, 5-10A, 1-2A, 1-1.2A / Direct connected – 10-100A (widest range)
  • Voltage Range: 57.5 - 240V (3 phase 4 wire) / 100 - 415V (3 phase 3 wire)
  • Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz
  • Burden Voltage Circuits (230V): Single element - 1.92W, 4.17VA / Two/three element - 1.12W, 2.45VA
  • Current Circuits: CT operated – 0.12VA @ 5A/phase, 0.02VA @ 1A/phase / Direct connected – 0.2VA @ 100A/phase
  • Insulation: 4kV RMS 50Hz
  • Impulse Withstand: 12kV 1.2/50μs 50ohm source
  • Display: 2 line, 16 character dot matrix, liquid crystal display, 8mm digits
  • Baud Rates: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600
  • Product Life: 15 years
  • Certified Product Life: 10 years (by OFGEM)
  • Temperature: -25° to + 55° C (Operational range) / -25oC to +70oC (Optional operating range) /  -25°C to + 70° C (Storage)
  • Humidity: Annual mean 75% (for 30 days spread over one year, 95%)
  • Pulse Width / Value: Programmable
  • Relay Specification: 240V a.c, 100mA, 1 x 5A relay (option, module only)
  • Dimensions: 279mm (high) x 170mm (wide) x 81mm (deep)
  • Weight: 1500 grams
  • Specifications: IEC 62052-11 and IEC 62053 -21, -22, -23 / EC Directive 2004/22/EC (MID) Class A, B or C
  • Case: IP53 to IEC 60529:1989