Extech DV40 NCV Voltage Detector + IR Thermometer

  • Built in Infrared Thermometer as well as Non Contact Voltage Detection
  • Rugged double moulded housing to protect
  • Detects AC Voltage from 50 to 1000V
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Extech DV40 NCV Voltage Detector + IR Thermometer

The Extech DV40 combines two functions together into one small and very light weight volt tester (only 42g).

By being able to carry out Non contact temperature measurements from -30 to 230°C (-20 TO 445°F) the Extech DV40 can be extremely useful when trying to locate burning/arcing contactors or circuit breakers just by looking for the heat source, or to check performance on electrical components without having to swap equipment during inspections which also makes this time saving.

The Voltage Detector probe, the white transparent tip is there so the detector can be placed next to insulated cables for detection of AC Low Voltage (50 to 1000V) which will light up and sound when voltage is detected.

With the DV40 being housed in a rugged double mould the detector is built with evident drops and falls in mind so it has more protection. The Thermometer is compact and yet accurate, with the distance to target ratio being 1:1, which when elaborated upon means the object your aiming at should be proportionate to the diameter of the infrared laser.

Main Features

  • Detects AC Voltage from 50 to 1000V
  • Built-in InfraRed Thermometer measures temperature from -20 to 445°F (-30 to 230°C) with 0.1° resolution
  • LCD displays temperature with selectable °F/°C internal switch
  • Fixed 0.95 emissivity covers 90% of surface applications
  • 1:1 distance to target ratio
  • NCV probe with integrated indicator light
  • Tip fits into outlets or against wire insulation
  • Low battery indicator
  • Auto power off
  • Rugged double molded housing
  • Complete with pocket clip and three LR44 batteries

What's In The Box?

  • Extech DV40 NCV Voltage Detector + IR Thermometer
  • LR44 Batteries
  • Display - 9,999 count LCD
  • IR Temperature Range - -20 to 445°F (-30 to 230°C)
  • Basic Accuracy - ±2% of rdg or ±4˚F/2˚C whichever is greater
  • Max. Resolution - 0.1°F/°C; 1°F/°C
  • Emissivity - 0.95 fixed
  • Field of View (Distance to Target) - 1:1
  • NCV Voltage Sensitivity - 50 to 1000VAC
  • Bandwidth - 50/60Hz
  • Detection Range - <1”
  • Safety Category - CAT III-1000V
  • Dimensions (Length x Diameter) - 6.25 x 1" (159 x 25mm)
  • Weight - 1.48oz (42g)
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