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FLIR E54 Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera

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  • IR Resolution of 320 x 240 pixels measures temperatures up to 650˚C
  • Featuring Patented FLIR MSX technology for enhanced image detail
  • FLIR Inspection Route enabled & compatible with FLIR Thermal Studio
(Ex. VAT) £4,166.00 (Inc. VAT) £4,999.20

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  • Description

    FLIR Exx-Series Banner

    FLIR E54 Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera

    The FLIR E54 Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera, as the entry point into the impressive FLIR Exx Series is designed specifically for professionals in building inspection, electrical and predictive maintenance. As building issues are often difficult to spot with the naked eye, the E54 offers the sensitivity & resolution needed for basic condition monitoring and inspection. This not only improves efficiency and makes it considerably easier to identify potential problems before an expensive repair is needed, but crucially makes it extremely easy to visually display the problem to the client. This thermal imaging camera has a a 320 x 240 pixel thermal detector which can accurately measure temperatures up to 650˚C (1202˚F), and a thermal sensitivity/NETD of <40mK at 30˚C (86˚F).

    Find, fix and document problems swiftly with the FLIR E54 and its list of impressive diagnosis features. Alongside 3 spotmeters, 6 colour palettes and a FLIR-Screen EST mode the E54 utilises FLIR 1-Touch Level/Span to improve image contrast & draw attention to potential issues. The Max/Min temperatures can be displayed live on screen while report generation is made simpler by the addition of automatic GPS image tagging and voice annotations via either the built-in mic or Bluetooth connection. Other features include a Picture-in-Picture mode and a 5MP digital camera with incorporated LED Photo/Video lamp & 1-4x digital zoom.

    FLIR E54 Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera In Use 2

    With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connective capability the E54 Thermal Imaging Camera also includes a USB 2.0 port, DisplayPort & laser pointer. The 640 x 480 pixel 4" LCD touchscreen display with auto-rotation of the FLIR E54 is simple and intuitive to use. Store images in the removable SD memory card, with several storage modes including Infrared, Visual, MSX®, Picture-in-Picture & Gallery. When in Infrared mode save JPEG files with all of the measurement data included. This thermal instrument is METERLiNK enabled to make it compatible with other FLIR devices and comes supplied with its own sturdy carrying case & cable set: USB 2.0 A to USB Type-C, USB Type-C to HDMI and USB Type-C to USB Type-C.

    FLIR Thermal Studio & FLIR Inspection Route

    Through March 31 2021, customers who purchase an Exx-Series camera will receive a free three-month Thermal Studio Pro and Route Creator trial bundle.

    The FLIR Exx-Series including the E54 all come equipped with the exclusive FLIR Inspection Route feature automatically enabled within the device. This mode will guide the operator along a predetermined route through multiple locations, organising images and data by each inspected asset. The route is first created in FLIR Thermal Studio (with the Route Creator Plugin installed) before being downloaded to the camera for streamlined inspections, swift post-processing and rapid reporting.

    State of the art analysis & reporting software, the FLIR Thermal Studio Suite compatible with the E54 is designed to assist in managing thousands of images and videos. Offered in three versions - Starter, Standard, and Pro - the software is compatible all cameras which generate images in radiometric JPG format. With the plugin included, users can build a route within FLIR Thermal Studio which includes as many inspection targets as necessary, all organised for maximum efficiency.

    This user-created route is then exported to the FLIR E54 camera, allowing thermographers who must inspect large numbers over the course of a day to follow a pre-defined route collecting data in a structured manner. Automatically collecting & organising for seamless importing back into the FLIR Thermal Studio. This system ensures nothing is missed, all results are organised and vastly speeds up inspection time.

    FLIR Inspection Route In Use

    FLIR MSX Technology

    The Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) feature of the FLIR E54 Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera produces crisp, vibrant imagery only achievable through FLIR's patented technology. For added detail and perspective the MSX function incorporates visual detail and embosses it directly onto the full thermal image. Components presented in this format are so clear that even the text of a label becomes readable, aiding greatly in identifying the context and issue of the thermal problem.

    FLIR E54 No MSX

    Without FLIR MSX feature

    FLIR E54 MSX

    With FLIR MSX feature

    Key Features

    • Part of the impressive FLIR Exx-Series
    • Designed for building inspection, electrical & predictive maintenance
    • 320 x 240 pixel thermal detector
    • Accurately measure temperatures up to 650˚C (1202˚F)
    • Thermal sensitivity/NETD of <40mK at 30˚C (86˚F)
    • FLIR Inspection Route automatically enabled
    • Fully compatible with FLIR Thermal Studio & Route Creator Plugin
    • FLIR MSX feature incorporated
    • FLIR-Screen EST mode included
    • Utilises FLIR 1-Touch Level/Span to improve image contrast
    • Max/Min temperatures displayed
    • Automatic GPS image tagging
    • Voice annotations via built-in mic or Bluetooth connection
    • 4 Inch 640 x 480 pixel LCD touchscreen display with auto-rotation
    • Includes 3 spotmeters
    • Features 6 colour palettes
    • Picture-in-Picture mode
    • 5MP digital camera with incorporated LED Photo/Video lamp
    • Camera has 1-4x digital zoom
    • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatible
    • Includes USB 2.0 port & DisplayPort
    • Laser pointer feature
    • Removable SD memory card
    • Storage modes including; Infrared, Visual, MSX®, Picture-in-Picture & Gallery
    • Infrared mode only save JPEG files with all measurement data included
    • METERLiNK enabled
    • Supplied with cable set
    • Hard carrying case

    FLIR part number: E54

    FLIR Exx-Series Comparison Table

    IR resolution320 × 240 pixels320 × 240 pixels464 × 348 pixels640 × 480 pixels
    Resolution with UltraMax®
    307,200 pixels645,888 pixels1.2 megapixels
    MSX® image enhancementYes: details from visual camera add depth and perspective
    Built-in visual camera5 MP, fixed focus, with built in LED light
    Thermal sensitivity<40 mK @ 30°C (86°F)<30 mK @ 30°C (86°F), 42°lens<30 mK @ 30°C (86°F), 42°lens<30 mK @ 30°C (86°F), 42°lens
    Temperature range-20°C to 120°C (-4°F to 248°F);
    0°C to 650°C (32°F to 1202°F)
    -20°C to 120°C (-4°F to 248°F);
    0°C to 650°C (32°F to 1202°F)
    -20°C to 120°C (-4°F to 248°F);
    0°C to 650°C (32°F to 1202°F);
    300°C to 1500°C (572°F to 2732°F)
    -20°C to 120°C (-4°F to 248°F);
    0°C to 650°C (32°F to 1202°F);
    300°C to 1500°C (572°F to 2732°F)
    Optional temperature range300°C to 1000°C
    (572°F to 1832°F)
    Accuracy±2˚C (±3.6˚F) or ±2% of the reading)
    Focus modesManualContinuous laser distance meter (LDM),
    one-shot LDM, one-shot contrast, manual
    Continuous LDM, one-shot LDM,
    one-shot contrast, manual
    Continuous LDM, one-shot LDM,
    one-shot contrast, manual
    Digital zoom1–4x continuous1-8x continuous
    Measurement tools3 spotmeters in live mode,
    1 area meter in live mode
    3 spotmeters in live mode, 3 area meters in live mode
    Measurement presetsNone, center spot, hot spot, cold spot, 3 spots, hot spot-spot*None, center spot, hot spot, cold spot, User Presets 1&2
    Available lensesNone (fixed lens)14˚, 24˚, 42˚, macro (2x)
    Lens identificationAutomatic (FLIR AutoCalTM)
    1-Touch Level/SpanYes: automatic contrast enhancement
    Laser pointerYes
    Laser distance meterYes
    Area measurement informationYes
    On-camera routing softwareFLIR Inspection RouteTM — enabled
    On-camera report buildingVoice annotation and GPS tagging to images and video; on-screen text; sketch on infrared images from touchscreen
    FLIR software integrationFLIR Thermal Studio Starter, FLIR Thermal Studio, FLIR Thermal Studio Pro, FLIR Research Studio
    Radiometric JPEGYes
    IR, radiometric, visual video recordingYes
    IR, radiometric, visual video streamingYes
    Communication modesUSB 2.0, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DisplayPort
    Display640 × 480 pixels (VGA) Dragontrail® touchscreen
    Drop-testing2 m (6.6 ft)
    Battery operation time>2.5 hours, typical use

    *Hot spot to center spot Delta measurement

  • Specification


    • Laser Pointer: Yes
    • Programmable Buttons: 1
    • Text: Predefined list or touchscreen keyboard
    • Time Lapse: NA
    • Voice: 60 sec. recording added to still images or video via built-in mic (has speaker) or via Bluetooth®
    • Weight & Dimensions (without lens): 1 kg (2.2 lbs), 278.4 × 116.1 × 113.1 mm (11.0 × 4.6 × 4.4 in)
    • FLIR Screen-EST Mode: Yes
    • Sampling Average in Screen-EST Mode: Recommended temperature range: 30 to 45°C (86 to 113°F) in stable room temperature
    • Accuracy [Drift] in Screen-EST Mode: Accuracy (drift): ±0.3°C (±0.5°F)
    • FLIR Inspection Route: Enabled in camera

    Connections & Communications

    • Communication Interfaces: USB 2.0, Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, DisplayPort
    • Storage Media: Removable SD card
    • Video Out: DisplayPort over USB Type-C
    • METERLiNK: Yes


    • Operating Temperature Range: -15 to 50°C (5 to 122°F)
    • Safety: EN/UL/CSA/PSE 60950-1
    • Storage Temperature Range: -40 to 70°C (-40 to 158°F)
    • Shock & Vibration & Encapsulation: 25g (IEC 60068-2-27), 2g (IEC 60068-2-6), IP54 (IEC 60529)

    Imaging & Optical

    • Color palettes: Iron, Gray, Rainbow, Arctic, Lava, Rainbow HC
    • Detector Type and Pitch: Uncooled microbolometer, 17 µm
    • Digital Camera: 5 MP, with built-in LED photo/video lamp
    • Digital Zoom: 1-4× continuous
    • f-number: 1.3
    • Focus: Manual
    • Global Positioning System [GPS]: Automatic image tagging
    • Image Frequency: 30 Hz
    • Image Sketch: From touchscreen, on infrared image only
    • IR Resolution: 320 × 240 pixels
    • Lens Identification: NA
    • Minimum Focus Distance: 0.15 m
    • Non-Radiometric IR or Visual Video: H.264 to memory card
    • Non-radiometric IR video streaming: H.264 or MPEG-4 over Wi-Fi MJPEG over UVC or Wi-Fi
    • Picture-in-Picture: Centred infrared area on the visual image
    • Radiometric IR video recording: Real-time radiometric recording (.csq)
    • Radiometric IR video streaming: Yes, over UVC
    • Spectral Range: 7.5-14 µm
    • Thermal Sensitivity/NETD: <40 mK at 30°C (86°F)
    • Viewfinder: No
    • UltraMax: No

    Measurement & Analysis

    • Accuracy: ±2°C (±3.6°F) or ±2% of the reading
    • Area measurement information: No
    • Laser Distance Meter: No
    • Measurement Presets: No measurements, Center spot, Hot spot, Cold spot, 3 spots, Hot spot–Spot
    • Object Temperature Range: -20 to 120°C (-4 to 248°F); 0 to 650°C (32 to 1202°F)
    • Spot Meter: 3 ea. in live mode

    Meter Data

    • Display: 4", 640 × 480 pixel touchscreen LCD with auto-rotation


    • Battery operating time: > 2.5 hours at 25°C (68°F) and typical use
    • Battery type: Rechargeable Li-ion battery

    Storage Media

    • Image File Format: Standard JPEG with measurement data included. Infrared-only mode
    • Image Storage Mode: Infrared, Visual, MSX®, Picture-in-Picture, Gallery
  • Supplied Accessories

    • FLIR E54 Infrared camera with lens
    • 2x batteries
    • Battery charger
    • Hard transport case
    • Lanyards
    • Front lens cap
    • Power supplies
    • SD card (8 GB)
    • Camera straps (hand, wrist, lanyard)
    • Carabiner hook
    • Front protection
    • Cables (USB 2.0 A to USB Type-C, USB Type-C to HDMI, USB Type-C to USB Type-C)
    • Strap brackets
    • Screws
    • Torx T10 wrench
    • Printed documentation
  • Product Documents

    Product Attachments

    View FileFLIR Exx-Series Datasheet    Size: (1.26 MB)
    View FileFLIR Thermal Studio Suite Datasheet    Size: (1.33 MB)
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