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We stock FLIR thermal cameras and are an authorised Platinum FLIR UK Distributor. The Infrared camera range includes the FLIR E series, P series and T range of thermal cameras. Popular models include the E4, E8, T420 and T620 some have bx after the model number and that denotes it’s suitable for building applications. We can also supply additional lenses for wide angle or telephoto applications and we hire thermal cameras if you would like to try before you buy. Speak to one of our four qualified thermographers for help or advice on 0113 248 9966.

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  • FLIR Launches New Thermal Cameras

    New FLIR Ex Series Blog

    October sees the launch of an exciting new range of FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras, plus we also take a look at some recently released thermal footage from on-board Paul Di Resta's Force India car.

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  • FLIR E8 Thermal Imaging Camera wins prestigious Red Dot Design Award


    The FLIR E8 Thermal Imaging Camera has been named as a winner of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014, one of the most sought-after accolades for quality product design.

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  • Comparative Review: FLIR E4, FLIR C2 and FLIR TG165


    Infrared thermography has been used for decades by skilled, trained users in a huge range of applications, from structural surveying of buildings through to electromechanical fault diagnosis, from tracking wild animals to clandestine military activities.

    Ask any seasoned thermographer and they’ll regale you with tales of expensive, finicky equipment that had to be treated with kid gloves, was bulky and chomped through batteries. It wasn’t long ago that thermographic cameras had their own specialised on-board cooling systems. Continue reading

  • New FLIR Thermal Cameras for 2017


    World-leading thermography experts FLIR have released a series of new thermal cameras for 2017, each with its own advantages and disadvantages in a range of sectors. Three new higher-spec options are available in the form of the FLIR E75, E85 and E95 Thermal Cameras for Building whilst the FLIR C3 Compact Thermal Camera - an upgrade for the FLIR C2 - is a more budget choice that nevertheless maintains FLIR’s usual high standards when it comes to image clarity, reliability, and build quality.

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  • Great New Deals on the FLIR C3!


    The FLIR C3 is an excellent thermal camera for all manner of professionals and is currently available with a choice of two great free gifts! The camera’s impressive thermal capabilities are complimented either by a FLIR MR40 Moisture Pen or by a VP52 Voltage Detector. These additional instruments supplement the C3 by forming an excellent package for detecting moisture or for inspecting electrical systems.

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  • Our Top 5 New Releases of 2017


    Last year saw a huge expansion of the Test-Meter range across our electrical, thermal, high voltage, gas and environmental categories with numerous new products from some of the most prominent manufacturers in test and measurement. After careful deliberation, we have picked our top five new releases from 2017:

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  • Using Thermal Imaging to Trace Pipes and Locate Water Leaks


    The Problem:

    The presence of leaks in hot water systems is often first indicated by low boiler pressure or a constant need to top up the boiler, meaning that there is very little clue as to the location of a leak before investigations begin. Identifying hot water pipes throughout a property and finding water leaks can be a time-consuming and labour intensive process when the system is hidden under tiled or concrete flooring. Conventional inspections lead to digging up floors which in turn results in great expenditure in terms of both materials and labour as flooring is lifted and restored. Thermal imaging provides a cost-effective, time-saving solution to these problems.

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  • How to Trace and Test Underfloor Heating with a Thermal Imaging Camera


    More and more properties now have underfloor heating installed as the most efficient way of providing consistent heat throughout a dwelling or commercial premises. As the pipes are hidden beneath flooring rather than exposed like radiators, one of the best ways of verifying the performance of an underfloor heating system is by using thermal imaging technology. A thermal imaging camera can detect heat patterns through flooring, thereby showing where a system is effective. This is particularly useful when tracing systems in a property, checking newly installed underfloor heating, and detecting problems in existing systems.

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  • Using Thermal Imaging to Check Radiator Power Flushing


    Cleaning radiators is an important part of maintaining an efficient, reliable central heating system and power flushing provides a speedy, thorough method of clearing out corrosion and other debris from the system. Part L of the UK Building Regulations even requires that systems are cleaned and flushed before adding anti-corrosion chemicals during commissioning whilst the warranty of new boilers often depends on correct cleaning and flushing. Thermal imaging provides a great, quantitative method of checking the performance of a heating system before and after flushing, thereby confirming the efficacy of the flushing process and visualising the results for the customer.

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  • Using Thermal Imaging to Inspect Solar Panel Installations


    Solar panel installations are becoming increasingly popular from both a private, commercial and governmental perspective amid a fall in installation costs and a long-term price rise in non-renewable energy sources such as coal, oil and gas. However, solar panels require regular maintenance, which is where thermal imaging can provide an efficient solution to many of the challenges posed.

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