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Fuse Finders & Cable Locators

Fuse Finders & Cable Locators

We supply a range of cable length meters, locators and fuse finders for electrical, data network and telecommunication applications. With basic models designed for tracing and locating faults on cables, fuses and RCDs we also stock advanced time domain reflectometers for testing the integrity of communication, power and control cables.
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About Fuse Finders & Cable Locators

Fuse finders and cable locators are really useful tools for anyone who wants to map live cables throughout a wall and underground before starting any work which might result in contact with a live conductor. They can also be used to detect faults in cables whilst fuse finders are capable of locating fuses, faults and RCDs within installations.

Cable locators typically use a transmitter which emits a signal to energise conductive material. The receiver will then detect the induced response which thus allows the user to detect, trace and find faults on non-visible cables. Our range features from Dilog, Martindale and Metrel.