Test Equipment Hire

Test Equipment Hire

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  1. Flue Gas Analyser Hire
  2. Solar Test Equipment Hire
  3. HV and Utility Test Equipment Hire
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  1. Anton
  2. Chauvin Arnoux
  3. CorDEX
  4. Di-Log
  5. Kane
  6. Kimo Instruments
  7. Megger
  8. Metrel
  9. Metrohm
  10. Seaward Solar
  11. Test-Meter
  12. Testo
  13. TPI
  1. 2 Wire Testing
  2. 3 Wire Testing
Max Test Current
  1. 10A
  1. 0.1µΩ Or Lower Resolution
  2. Battery Powered
  3. Mains Powered
  4. Mains + Battery Powered
Comms. interface
  1. USB
  2. SD Card
  3. Bluetooth
  4. Ethernet
  1. Current Clamps Included
  2. Software Included
  3. Measures Inrush Current
  1. Solar PV Test Kits
  2. Solar Installation Testers
Max Temperature
  1. ≤250°C
Thermal Resolution
  1. 80 x 60 pixels
  1. Flue Gas Analyser KITS only
  2. Flue Gas Analysers only
Supplied With
  1. Infra-Red Printer
  2. Gas Leak Detector
  3. Probe Set For Flueless Appliances
  4. Carry Case / Holdall
  1. Let By/Tightness Testing
  2. Differential Temperature
  3. Differential Pressure
  1. Radiators and pipework

Five Reasons To Hire From Test-Meter.co.uk

Try Before You Buy

If you are looking at purchasing Test Equipment but are not quite sure if the tester will live up to your expectation, why not try it out? Hire the tester off of us for a few days, get a feel for the unit and see how it works “in the field”. Specifications and technical PDF’s are one thing, proving it works well for your application is priceless. To make it even easier, we offer to refund up to 100% of your hire costs when you buy equipment following a hire (certain items only, terms & conditions apply).

Save Money

Test Equipment can be very expensive to purchase; we have a huge range of calibrated Test & Measurement Equipment to choose from straight off the shelf. It saves you having to outlay the initial cost of purchasing the equipment and frees-up cash. Hire payments are super tax-efficient and save you cost of ownership (just ask your accountant).

Save Time

Manufacturers of Test Equipment often have long lead-times. If your equipment breaks down, replacement, repair & calibration can be a lengthy process. This could end up costing you you're clients and damage your reputation. Give us a call.... we’ll have you back up & running in no time with one of our rental testers!

Reduce Commitment

By Renting Electrical Test equipment you choose the timescale - be it a day, week, month or year - we are able to cater for all your needs. You only pay for the time you use the equipment not the time it spends stuck in your van!

Minimise Costs

Test Equipment can be costly to buy; with the current recession people are opting for inferior equipment. This can end up costing you even more time in the field. Why not let us provide you with the most up-to-date and technologically advanced equipment at a fraction of the cost? We take care of the calibration and maintenance costs leaving you more time to work on the job at hand.

Contact us today to see how we can help you!