HV Line Tester Hire

High voltage live line testers perform live voltage detection and phasing on high voltage conductors. The sets usually consist of high quality fibreglass rods and a proving and repeating unit. For more information or to request a hire please give us a call on 0113 248 99 66.
  1. Metrohm LLT33 33kV AC Live Line Tester Kit


    • Tests HV systems up to 33kV
    • Includes all necessary accessories
    • HV measuring rod & phase rod
    • Usable in wet conditions
    • Voltage on analogue display
    • Proving unit included

    The Edgcumbe 33kV Live Line Tester is a handy testing set for use on live circuitry with voltages of up to 33kV. It can measure the live voltage level and phase of the system. Readings are shown on a swivelling analogue display and the tester is suitable for use on overhead voltage lines, switchgear and substations.

    The kit includes a high voltage measuring rod and a phasing rod, both of which have a sturdy design for use indoors, outdoors and in wet conditions. The HV rod easily attaches to the testing point and an earthing cable is included for direct earthing. A proving unit is provided as standard and can be used to verify the accuracy of both rods before and after testing.

    Part number: HLLT.3

    7 Day Hire

    Excludes £25+VAT carriage charge each way

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