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Inspection Camera / Borescopes

Inspection Camera / Borescopes

Inspection cameras enable investigations in tight locations and are the ideal tool for inspecting wall cavities and checking for blockages in pipe work. Mounted on the end of a flexible goose neck for greater control, the digital camera provides users with a real-time view of the inspection and allows both video recording and still image capture for subsequent analysis.
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About Inspection Camera / Borescopes

Inspection cameras and borescopes are invaluable tools for investigating issues in tight or crowded situations such as in wall cavities and crowded pipework for either water or gas. They typically feature a digital camera mounted on a flexible gooseneck which can either be fixed into a specific shape or fed into an entrance to reveal blockages in pipes, water ingress, leaks and pest infestations.

Our range of Extech, Martindale and FLIR borescopes provide a real time image on screen as well as offering the capacity to save still images and video the to internal memory. Some instruments even allow the screen to be detached so one person can concentrate or carrying out a thorough inspection whilst another views the results on screen. LED lights built around the camera head let the user see in all lighting conditions.