Installation Test Kits

We hire comprehensive Megger Installation Test Kits which contain instruments designed to test individual aspects of electrical systems such as RCDs, loop impedance, earthing, insulation and more. Please call us on 0113 248 99 66 for more information or to book a hire.
  1. Megger MTK330 Electrical Test Equipment Kits


    • Megger MIT330 Continuity/Insulation Tester
    • Megger LTW335 Loop Tester
    • Megger RCDT330 RCD Tester
    • Insulation resistance 250, 500 and 1kV
    • Anti trip loop test
    • Auto RCD and ramp test

    This kit includes a Megger Insulation & Continuity Tester, 2-wire Loop Tester and an RCD Tester, providing users with everything needed to perform electrical inspections on domestic, commercial and industrial installations for single and three phase applications. Each tester has the capacity for storing results which can be downloaded to a PC however additional Powersuite software is required for producing certificates and reports. The instruments are all built to last in rubber armoured housing and all three come supplied within a single briefcase for easy transportation.

    £59.00 + VAT per week

    Excludes £10 carriage charge each way (collection optional)

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