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Instruments For Fever Screening

Created for use by medical and non-medical personnel alike, these non-contact infrared thermometers are ideally suited for detecting abnormal body temperatures associated with viruses such as COVID-19 (Coronavirus) or Influenza. Featuring infrared (IR) and laser technology, our range of forehead thermometers specialise in maintaining a safe distance between the operator and the subject in question.

Contactless thermometers such as these can be applied to measuring a solitary forehead or a full-body scan without disrupting the flow of foot traffic. Reducing the need to touch or interact with the patient, these non-contact thermometers are of vital importance to intercepting and stopping the spread of disease.

Also featured within this category are FLIR Thermal Imagining Cameras that feature the EBT screening mode; these cameras can also safely be used to detect Elevated Body Temperature and FLIR has received US FDA approval for using a variety of its thermal products to screen high traffic public places like airports, train stations and subway stations.

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  1. Extech Instruments
  2. FLIR
  3. Seek Thermal
Max Temperature
  1. ≤120°C
  2. ≤250°C
  3. ≤350°C
  4. ≤500°C
  5. ≤650°C
  6. ≤1200°C
  7. ≤1500°C
  8. 2000°C
Thermal Sensitivity
  1. ≥0.15°C (150mK)
  2. ≥0.1°C (100mK)
  3. ≥ 0.08°C (80mK)
  4. ≥0.07°C (70mK)
  5. ≥0.06°C (60mK)
  6. ≥0.05°C (50mK)
  7. ≥0.045°C (45mK)
  8. ≥0.04°C (40mK)
  9. ≥0.035°C (35mK)
  10. ≥0.03°C (30mK)
Thermal Resolution
  1. 240 x 180 Pixels
  2. 320 x 240 Pixels
  3. 640 x 480 Pixels
  1. Digital Camera Inbuilt
  2. MSX™ Feature
  3. Video Recording
  4. Digital Zoom
  5. Wi-Fi Inbuilt
  6. Add Voice / Text Files
  7. Humidity / Insulation Alarms
  8. Above/Below Visual Alarm
  9. Lens Interchangeable
  10. Lens Rotatable
  11. Meterlink™
  12. UltraMax™ / SuperResolution™