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Instruments For Fever Screening

Instruments For Fever Screening

Created for use by medical and non-medical personnel alike, these non-contact infrared thermometers are ideally suited for detecting abnormal body temperatures associated with viruses. Featuring infrared (IR) and laser technology, our range of forehead thermometers specialise in maintaining a safe distance between the operator and the subject in question. Contactless thermometers such as these can be applied to measuring a solitary forehead or a full-body scan without disrupting the flow of foot traffic. Reducing the need to touch or interact with the patient, these non-contact thermometers are of vital importance to intercepting and stopping the spread of disease.

For more information about fever screening and the different types of instruments available, please read our recent blog post or call 0113 2489966 for expert help.

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  1. Extech Instruments
  2. FLIR
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Max Temperature
  1. ≤120°C
  2. ≤650°C
  3. ≤1200°C
  4. ≤1500°C
  5. 2000°C
Thermal Sensitivity
  1. ≥0.1°C (100mK)
  2. ≥0.05°C (50mK)
  3. ≥0.04°C (40mK)
  4. ≥0.03°C (30mK)
Thermal Resolution
  1. 80 x 60 pixels
  2. 160 x 120 Pixels
  3. 240 x 180 Pixels
  4. 320 x 240 Pixels
  5. 640 x 480 Pixels
  1. Digital Camera Inbuilt
  2. MSX™ Feature
  3. Video Recording
  4. Digital Zoom
  5. Wi-Fi Inbuilt
  6. Add Voice / Text Files
  7. Humidity / Insulation Alarms
  8. Above/Below Visual Alarm
  9. Lens Interchangeable
  10. Lens Rotatable
  11. Meterlink™
  12. UltraMax™ / SuperResolution™

About Instruments For Fever Screening

We have a wide-range of fever screening instruments in stock now, including forehead thermometers and temperature guns suitable for detecting abnormal body temperatures associated with viruses or infections.

By utilising either infrared or thermal imaging technology, these instruments check the temperature of an individual forehead or a conduct full-body scan without disrupting the flow of foot traffic (dependant on instrument specifications).

Also featured within this category are FLIR Thermal Imagining Cameras that feature the EBT screening mode; these cameras can also safely be used to detect Elevated Body Temperature and FLIR has received US FDA approval for using a variety of its thermal products to screen high traffic public places like airports, train stations and subway stations.

With products available for a range of manufacturers - including FLIR, FOTRIC, HIKvision, Seek Thermal and more - we are happy to help find the right fever screening solution for you.