Kewtech Fuse Finder Kit - FFINDER

The Kewtech Fuse Finder is a versatile and highly sensitive device for scanning a bank of fuses or MCBs with clear LED indication.
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Kewtech Fuse Finder Kit

The Kewtech Fuse Finder Kit is ideal for electricians and consists of a transmitter and receiver along with a mains lead. A fused flying test lead set (Kewtech ACC016E) is also available.

The following explains how the two parts of the electricians Kewtech FFINDER Fuse Finder Kit work:


  • Connects to the circuit through either the mains lead or fused test lead set.
  • It then injects a signal into the circuit that is picked up by the receiver at the fuse board.
  • The transmitter is powered from the mains supply meaning batteries aren't required.


  • This cleverly auto-tunes when scanning a bank of fuses or MCBs.
  • The receiver requires at least two scans so that it can adjust its sensitivity to find the strongest signal.
  • This means that the correct fuse for the circuit being tested can be detected.
  • LEDs light up to clearly indicate signal strength.
  • An auto power-off function maximises battery life.

What's In The Box?

  • Kewtech transmitter
  • Kewtech receiver
  • Instruction manual for Kewtech Fuse Finder, FFINDER