Kewtech KEW6310 Power Quality Analyser

3 Phase Power Analyser. Our Kewtech KEW 6310 monitors three phase electrical energy, power, demand, harmonics and kWH in fact 12 parameters.
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Kewtech KEW6310 Electrical Power Analyser

***The KEW6310 Electrical Power Analyser has been discontinued, replaced with the Kewtech KEW6315 Power Quality Analyser.***

Kewtech KEW6310 Key Features:

  • 12 Power Measurements
  • Extremely compact design
  • Comprehensive measurements
  • Instantaneous Values
  • Energy consumed
  • Demand monitor / prediction
  • Wave form and vector diagrams
  • Harmonic measurements and analyser
  • Power quality analyser
  • Displays and calculates power factor and corrective capacitors
  • Includes three 3000A flexi-clamps.
  • Print screen function saves any screen, including connection diagram.
  • Fourth current channel for measured neutral current or earth leakage.
  • Test leads colour coded to current British Standard.
  • Will work from alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries or direct from mains.
  • When running direct from mains rechargeable batteries will be charged.
  • User friendly intuitive software supplied with tester.
  • Internal memory plus flash card memory – up to 1GB
  • Digital output for use to control max demand.
  • Two additional inputs for external sensors. For instance to monitor lighting levels
  • Complies fully to IEC61010-1 Cat. III 600
  • Kyoritsu KEW6310 2 year warranty.
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  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Active power
  • Reactive power
  • Apparent power
  • Power factor
  • Frequency
  • Current flowing on the neutral line (Only on 3 phase 4 wire measurement)
  • Active power energy
  • Reactive power energy
  • Apparent power energy
  • Demand measurement

Transients / Over Voltage (Impulse)

  • Can Set Detecting Level Value (Threshold Value).
  • Easy-to-Use Checking the Occurrence data On The Display.
  • Arises from defective contact etc. of Breakers, Magnets and Relays.
  • Reaches highest value (peak value) of voltage in a very short time from inputting voltage and this is a unipolar type voltage change (Spike) that attenuates slowly.
  • Destroys the instrument’s power source and causes reset action due to sudden voltage change (Spike).

Inrush Current

  • Can Set Detecting Level Value (Threshold Value).
  • Easy-to-Use Confirming the Occurrence data On The Display.
  • Large current (Surge current) flows transiently at the time of starting of instruments etc. which have built-in motor, incandescent lamp, larger capacity smoothing condenser.
  • Causes bad effect to power switch's welding, fusing, breaker’s trip and converter circuit etc. and also causes unstable power voltage.

Harmonics Analysis

  • Can Measure and Analyze from 1st to 63rd Harmonics.
  • Harmonics Contents (THD: Total Harmonics Distortion Display)
  • Can Judge Inflow / Outflow.
  • Can Set Detecting Level Value (Threshold Value).
  • Control circuits of instruments use inverter circuit (condenser input type converter circuit) and thyristor control circuit (phase control circuit). These circuits cause distortion in the current. The distortion causes harmonics.
  • Causes burning of phase advance condenser and reactor, beat of transformer, wrong way of breaker, flicker of TV image, noise of audio players etc.

Swells / Dips / Instantaneous Stop

  • Can Set Detecting Level Value (Threshold value).
  • Easy-to-Use Confirming the Occurrence data such as Swells/Dips/Instantaneous Stop on the Display.Cause of Swells (Voltage rise)
  • Voltage rises instantaneously by Inrush Current caused at the time of power input of the power line switchgear.
  • Voltage drop happens by Inrush Current caused at the time of starting of load of motors etc.
  • Power supply stops instantaneously due to thunderbolt etc. (Under 1 sec.) (Interruption of Service > Power supply stop more than 1sec.)
  • Stops operation of instruments / welding robots and causes reset of OA appliances like PC.

Unbalance Rate

  • One Touch Switch to Vector display and Power display
  • Easy-to-Use Confirming Phase angle difference thanks to Vector display
  • Specific Phase gets over loaded due to fluctuation of power line load and unbalanced equipment built. These cause distortion of voltage / current, voltage drop and antiphase voltage.
  • Causes unbalance of voltage / current, uneven turning of motor, antiphase voltage, harmonics etc.