Megger 1001-975B Three Wire Fused Test Lead Set

SKU: MEGG1001975
  • Compatible with Megger MFT155x, MFT17xx and MFT17x1 series testers
  • Fused clips and probes - GS38 Compliant
  • Includes detachable clips, probes and long reach probes
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Megger 1001-975 Three Wire Fused Test Lead Set

Please note this product has been discontinued - a replacement can be found here 1014-295

The Megger 1001-975 Three Wire Fused Test Lead Set is the ideal replacement or spare test lead set for the Megger range of multifunction testers. If you are experiencing poor and inconsistent continuity readings then it is likely to be your existing test leads that are at fault and it is time to replace them. These Fused GS38 compliant test leads are suitable for use with the Megger MFT1552, MFT1553, MFT1710, MFT1720, MFT1730, MFT1735, MFT1711, MFT1721, MFT1731 and MFT1741 Multifunction Testers

The Megger 3-wire lead test set is supplied with crocodile clips and large, removeable prods with GS38 probe tips, standard 4mm plugs at the instrument end and built-in 600V 10A fast breaking fuses.

The Megger 1001-975 test leads are 1.2m in length and CAT III 1kV rated with the safety probes and CAT III 600V rated when using the crocodile clips.

Megger part number: 1001-975