Megger BT51 2A Low Resistance Ohmmeter

  • High test current with 4 terminal measurements
  • Two measurement ranges: 2000mΩ (1mΩ res.), 20mΩ (0.01mΩ res.)
  • Shockproof and weatherproof portable design
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Product Details

Megger BT51 2A Low Resistance Ohmmeter (6410-091)

Providing quick and easy measurement of low resistance levels, the Megger BT51 2A Low Resistance Ohmmeter is ideal for everything from testing earth bonds in minds to evaluating resistance on switches, circuit breakers and more.

Passing current through the conductor under test and also monitoring the voltage across it, the Megger BT51 limits the current so the voltage can be measured and ensuring that the accuracy of the reading remains unaffected by current variation. For added accuracy, the BT51 also utilises four-terminal testing, filtering out the resistance of test leads.

Offering two measurement ranges and a 2A nominal test current with up to 2Ω across C terminals, the Megger BT51 is also protected against 240V AC and features warning lights for extra safety.

With a 3 ½ digit LED display and an incredibly robust design ensuring it’s shockproof and weatherproof, the BT51 Low Resistance Ohmmeter is perfect for use in most environments. It comes supplied with a battery charger, two spring-loaded duplex hand spikes, and a two-wire DH1-C duplex twist probe lead set as standard.

Megger Part Number: 1006-605

Key Features

  • High test current
  • Four terminal measurements
  • Two measurement ranges: 2000mΩ (1mΩ resolution) and 20mΩ (0.01mΩ resolution)
  • 3 ½ digit LED display
  • Protection against 240V AC (with warning lights)
  • Shockproof and weatherproof portable design
  • Fit for use with long testing leads
What's In The Box?
  • Megger BT51 Low Resistance Ohmmeter
  • Supply Lead for Battery Charger
  • Duplex Handspikes with 2.5m (8ft) Test Leads
  • Operating Instruction Book
  • DH1-C Test Leads
More Information
  • Range: 2000 mΩ (resolution 1 mΩ), 20,00 mΩ, (resolution 0,01 mΩ)
  • Test Current: 2 A nominal, with up to 2Ω across the C terminals
  • Accuracy (0 to 50°C): ±1% of reading ± 2 digits
  • Display: 3.5 digit LED display
  • Operating Temp: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
  • Storage Temp: -20 to +50°C (-4 to 122°F)
  • Protection: Relay protection for up to 240 V mains supply applied from
    C1/Pl to C2/P2. 100 mA (T) fuse, 20 x 5 mm, ceramic (for charging circuit)
  • Power Supply: 4 Ah capacity NiCad rechargeable cells with internal charging
    unit. Normal charging time of 10 hours on 240 V, 50 Hz mains supply
  • Safety: The instrument meets the requirements for IEC 610101-1. The instrument is intended for use with non powered circuits only.
  • EMC: In Accordance with IEC61326-1
  • Dimensions: 245 H x 344 W x 158 D mm (9,6 H x 13,5 W x 6,25 D in. approx)
  • Weight: 4.5 kg (10 lb approx)
  • Part Number: 6410-091