Metrel MI 3321 Machinery Tester - Electrical Safety

The Metrel MI 3321 machinery tester is intended to perform all necessary measurements for the electrical safety of machines & switchgear.
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Metrel MI 3321 Machinery Tester

The Metrel MI 3321 portable machinery tester is intended to perform all necessary measurements for testing the electrical safety of portable electrical equipment, machines and switchgears.

Measurements are divided into four subgroups:

  • Portable DUTs according to VDE 0701 0702.
  • Electrical safety of machines according to IEC/EN 60204 Ed.5.
  • Safety of switchgears IEC/ EN 60439.
  • The new IEC 61439

All tests. Because of large set of functions this instrument is suitable also for safety testing (type testing, maintenance and routine testing) according to other product standards. Up to 18 different measurements can be performed either as single test or pre-programmed test sequences (PAT mode) This unit is ideal for industrial safety testing, large machinery and checks factors including discharge time, power and current consumption. The MI 3321 can provide a much deeper insight at appliance / machinery deterioration. It has a large LCD screen, quick reference guide and additional connection ports for testing fixed installations.

Machinery Tester Key Features:

  • Up to 6000 test results including measuring parameters can be stored into internal memory.
  • Upload of test results from PC to instrument. Comparisons between old and new test results can be performed on site.
  • Fast testing either with bar code or RFID identification system.
  • Printing of labels on site.

Measuring Functions:

  • Continuity tests (200mA & 10A).
  • Insulation resistance. (250 & 500V)
  • Withstanding voltage tests (1000, 1890 & 2500V).
  • Substitute leakage current.
  • Differential leakage current.
  • Touch leakage current.
  • IEC cord polarity test.
  • Leakage and load TRMS current measurement with current clamp.Portable RCD testing.
  • RCD testing Line and loop impedance.
  • High resolution line / loop impedance (mΩ).
  • Discharge time.
  • Three phase voltage / rotary field.
  • Functional test


The Metrel MI 3321 machine tester can easily be moved between locations or mounted for ease of use.


High quality accessories and optional safety devices ensure that testing can be performed in a controlled, safe environment.

Easy to use:

Rotational dial makes selecting single test simple and easy while the programmable autosequence testing make life even easier and stops the risk of missing a test.


The optional PATLink Pro software enables the upload of test sequences (autosequences) and the downloading of test results directly to the PC, enables automatic data storage into a file and also prints test reports.

What's In The Box?
  • 1 x Metrel MI3321 MultiServicer XA Machinery Tester
  • 1 x HV test lead
  • 1 x Plug test cable
  • 1 x 3-wire test lead
  • 1 x Test lead, black 1.5 m
  • 1 x Test lead, red 1.5 m
  • 1 x Test lead, red 4 m
  • 1 x Test lead, green 1.5 m
  • 4 x Test probes (black, red. green, blue)
  • 3 x Crocodile clips (black)
  • 1 x Protective bag for accessories
  • 1 x PC SW PAT Link PRO with RS232 and USB cable
  • 1 x Instruction manual for Machinery Tester equipment
  • 1 x Calibration certificate
  • 1 x 36 Month manufacturers warranty
More Information

If you require a more detailed specification please see the Metrel MI 3321 Multiservicer XA Machinery Tester PDF metrel MI3321 Multiservicer XA - Machinery Tester

  • IEC 60204 Electrical equipment of machines
  • IEC 60439-1 Switchgear and control gear assemblies
  • IEC 60598-1 Luminaries
  • IEC 50144-1 Hand-held motor-operated tools
  • IEC 60755 Residual current operated protected devices
  • EN60204 Edition 5
  • IEC/EN60439 & IEC 61439
  • IEC 61010-1 Safety requirements for electrical equipment
  • EN50081-1 Electromagnetic compatability
  • EN 61000-6-1 Electromagnetic compatability