Metrel MI3108PS EurotestPV Solar PV Tester - Pro Kit

Simultaneous environmental & electrical measurements for efficient testing of Solar PV and Electrical Installations.
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Metrel MI3108PS Eurotest PV PRO Solar PV & Electrical Installation Tester

The Metrel MI3108PS EurotestPV Pro is a photovoltaic and electrical safety tester capable of testing electrical installations according to EN 61557 standards and solar PV installations to EN 62446 requirements. The Metrel MI3108 PV tester also includes I-V curve characteristics, calculation of STC values and power measurements on both AC and DC sides of the inverter, allowing efficiency to be calculated.

PV Installation Testing Features:

  • Calculation of STC values
  • Solar PV generator and inverter efficiency calculations
  • Graphical representation of the module’s I-V curve, giving array performance verification
  • Establish solar PV array behaviour under changing irradiance and temperature conditions
  • Two voltage and current channels for simultaneous AC and DC measurements
  • PV Safety Probe allows safe direct connection and disconnection with PV arrays
  • Simultaneous environmental and electrical measurements for efficient PV testing

Electrical Installation Testing Features:

  • Automated RCD testing complete with B Type RCD testing
  • Earth resistance measurement
  • Built-in fuse tables for automatic evaluation of line/loop impedance results
  • Online monitoring of all 3 voltages
  • Scope function
  • Non-trip loop impedance testing
  • One-phase power and energy measurements including harmonics up to the 11th
  • Built to cope where voltages exceed 100V and currents of 10A DC are common

The MI3108PR EurotestPV Pro tester is supplied with a remote unit for the real time measurement and storage of environmental parameters including irradiance, panel temperature and ambient temperature so that accurate STC values can be calculated. Using the remote unit to acquire these readings allows users to simultaneously carry out the electrical tests on the PV system, saving both time and money.

The additional AC current clamp adaptor allows TRMS power measurements to be taken as well as low range earth leakage testing, providing extremely accurate results.

Suitable for the initial and periodic testing of both single and three-phase electrical systems, the Metrel MI3108PR EurotestPV Pro tester is also ideal for continued performance evaluation and troubleshooting of photovoltaic installations and generators.

This Photovoltaic and Electrical Installation Tester offers a large internal memory capable of storing up to 1800 electrical test results or 500 I-V curve or Scope measurements which can be quickly downloaded to a PC using supplied EuroLink PRO software for review, further analysis and the creation of test reports.

Complete with onscreen help, connection diagrams and a built-in charging circuit, the Metrel MI3108PR Eurotest PV Tester is a combined 17th Edition Multifunction Tester and PV Installation Tester that provides the complete test solution to the PV market.

What's In The Box?
  • Metrel MI 3108 EurotestPV PRO
  • Metrel A1378 EurotestPV Remote
  • Metrel A1018 Current Clamp
  • Metrel A1385 PV Fused Test Lead
  • Metrel SW EuroLink PRO Software
  • Plug commander
  • 3 x 1.5m Test lead
  • 3 x Test probe
  • 3 x Crocodile clip
  • PV Safety Probe
  • PV MC3/4 male/female adapters
  • AC/DC current clamp
  • Pyranometer
  • Temperature probe
  • Power supply adaptor
  • 6 x NiMH batteries, type AA
  • USB and RS232 - PS/2 cable
  • Instruction manual and handbook on CD
  • Soft Carry Case with Straps
  • Calibration Certificate
More Information

For a detailed product specification please see the Metrel MI3108PR EurotestPV Pro pdf Metrel MI3108ST EurotestPV Solar PV Tester