Oil Test Set Hire

Oil Test Sets measure the degradation level of insulating oil that is used to isolate transformers and other high voltage equipment. They perform voltage breakdown testing and can test a range of oils in order to make sure that systems are adequately insulated. We stock oil test sets from Megger. For more information or to reserve a hire, please give us a call on 0113 248 99 66.
  1. Megger OTS60PB Portable Transformer Oil Test Set


    • Electronically controlled test voltage up to 60kV
    • Battery-powered and portable
    • Long battery life
    • Automatic test sequence
    • Lockable electrode gap adjustment
    • Digital reading or PASS/FAIL function

    With an integrated handle, the lightweight Megger OTS60 PB Oil Test Set is ideal for testing transformer insulating oils on site. It is battery-powered and one charge allows for dozens of tests. The set can perform insulating liquid tests, including breakdown voltage tests in terms of voltage and current, using an electronically controlled test voltage of up to 60kV.

    Custom test sequences can be set on the Megger OTS60 PB and these can be downloaded from the Megger website, allowing the user to keep up with the latest standards. The bright screen can show the progress of the test sequence in addition to digital readings and pass/fail messages. Test results have a time and date stamp with a serial number. There are three USB connections for memory sticks and cables to a PC, printer or barcode scanner.

    To help ensure user safety, the set has dual and independent cut-off circuitry and the user can terminate a test by pressing any button on the keyboard. Overall, the OTS60 PB is the ideal instrument for testing degradation and contamination in insulating oils.

    Part number: HOTS.3

    7 Day Hire

    Excludes £25+VAT carriage charge each way

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