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These handheld digital oscilloscopes measure both voltage and time and have digital displays to clearly show wave amplitude over time. They allow a wide range of information to be captured including peak to peak voltage of a waveform and periodic signal frequencies with advanced models upgradeable to analyse harmonics.
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  1. Extech Instruments
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  1. 20MHz
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Real Time Sample Rate
  1. 100MS/s
  2. 2.5GS/s
  3. 100GS/s

About Oscilloscopes

Oscilloscopes measure voltage over time to produce a two-dimensional graph charting electrical signal over time. Other parameters such as sound or vibration can be converted to voltage in order to produce a similar graph with an oscilloscope. The waveform produced by this mapping of voltage over time then allows the user to assess aspects such as amplitude, frequency, rise time, interval and distortion.

All of our instruments - from Extech and Metrix - are digital models which will calculate these aspects of electrical signal and display them on screen so there is no need for the user to work them out. Oscilloscopes vary in the number of channels they have and their maximum frequency compatibility. Some feature additional capabilities such as multimeter electrical measurement functions e.g. voltage, current and resistance.