Pressure Calibrator Hire

We provide a hire fleet of pressure calibrators from Druck and CMR that can be used to calibrate magenehelic gauges and other components in low to medium pressure systems. Our range includes an intrinsically safe calibrator and a calibrator for extremely low pressures. For more information or to book a hire please call us on 0113 248 99 66.
  1. CMR CAL 95 Pressure Calibrator (Hire Only)


    • Pressure range: ±20mbar
    • Ideal for HVAC devices
    • Built-in hand pump
    • Purge valveson + and - ports

    The CAL 95 Low Pressure Calibrator is an ideal instrument for calibrating low pressure devices in HVAC systems such as magnehelic gauges thanks to its high-resolution pressure range over ±20mbar. The calibrator has a built-in hand pump and purge valves at both the positive and negative ports so the user can have confidence in this versatile, accurate instrument.

    Part number: HPCL.3

    7 Day Hire

    Excludes £25+VAT carriage charge each way

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  2. Druck DPI 610/615 Pressure Calibrator (Hire Only)


    • Pressure range: 2.5 mbar to 700 bar
    • Accuracy: 0.025% full scale
    • 4 to 20mA loop test current
    • Internal pressure source: 0 to 413bar
    • Dual display for simultaneous readings
    • Sturdy, weatherproof design

    The Druck DPI 610 Pressure Calibrator is a handy instrument for calibrating pressure instruments within production plants. It has an integral pressure pneumatic pressure source that applies pressure up to 20bar and measures pressure up to 20bar as well. It is also possible to pull a vacuum with the calibrator. A separate hydraulic version is available which has a pressure range of up to 400bar but cannot create a vaccuum.

    It is also possible to perform process loop calibration with the Druck DPI 610 as it can source and measure current between 4 and 20mA. The internal memory can save multiple inspection results whilst an RS232 port enables data transfer to a PC or printer. The dual display can show readings for both pressure and electrical parameters at the same time, including measurements for voltage , switch and temperature.

    The Druck DPI 615 Pressure Calibrator is a robust pneumatic instrument designed for measuring and calibrating pressure instrumentation in production plants. For this purpose it has an internal pressure source and pressure measuring system, both of which have a maximum value of 20bar. The calibrator can also form a vacuum.

    Loop calibration can be carried out with the Druck DPI 615 thanks to its current sourcing and measurement function (4mA to 20mA). It can also measure voltage, switch and temperature and the dual display can show readings simultaneously. The internal memory saves data and an RS232 port allows transfer to a PC as well as PASS/FAIL analysis and automated testing via two-way communication with a PC.

    Part number: HPCL.13 / HPCL.21

    7 Day Hire

    Excludes £25+VAT carriage charge each way

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  3. Druck DPI 610LP Low Pressure Calibrator (Hire Only)


    • Pressure range: ±25mbar
    • Suitable for HVAC devices
    • Portable and standalone
    • Pulls vacuum
    • Automatic zero equalisation
    • Internal memory

    A portable standalone pressure calibrator, the Druck DPI 610LP Calibrator is ideal for calibrating very low pressure equipment such as magnehelic gauges and other assorted HVAC devices thanks to its accurate pressure generation and measurement that range from -25mbar to +25mbar.

    To help ensure accuracy, there is an auto zero function for cancelling out pressure induced by the initial connection of the calibrator. The instrument has internal memory for several sets of readings and an RS232 port for transferring data to a computer.

    Part number: HPCL.20

    7 Day Hire

    Excludes £25+VAT carriage charge each way

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  4. Druck DPI 620 Intrinsically Safe Process Calibrator (Hire Only)


    • Measures and sources numerous parameters
    • Provides isolated 24V loop energy supply
    • Includes HART digital configurator
    • Intrinsically safe
    • IP65 weatherproof rating
    • Displays up to 6 readings

    The Druck DPI 620 is an advanced, intrinsically safe instrument designed for use in hazardous areas (ATEX and IECEx) where there is a risk of explosion, for example in the oil and gas industry. It can measure and source multiple parameters including current, voltage (in millivolts and volts), resistance, frequency, pressure and a variety of RTDs and T/Cs. This allows advanced modular calibration of processes and the calibrator also functions as a HART communicator.

    The process calibrator has an IP64 dust and water resistance rating so it is more than capable of standing up to the rigours of regular use in challenging working environments. The vibrant screen can show up to 6 readings simultaneously.

    Part number: HPCA.3

    7 Day Hire

    Excludes £25+VAT carriage charge each way

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