R2 Testing 5.6m Telescopic Extension Pole

5.6m Telescopic Pole for R2 testing it enables users to make contact with exposed conductive parts on electrical equipment.
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R2 Testing 5.6m Telescopic Pole - KK-TPR2

Please note that this product has now been discontinued.

The Telescopic R2 Pole enables users to make contact with exposed conductive parts on electrical equipment and accessories such as fluorescent luminaries, fans and AC units - all from a position of safety. It can also be used across loft voids, under floors etc.

The Super Rod R2 Testing hollow pole that can be easily extended up to 5.6 metres in length and can be supplied with an optional R2 test probe, which is fitted in seconds into the end of the pole thus eliminating the need to use ladders towers, or scissor lifts. 5.6m Telescopic Pole has a polyester resin baked coating for added durability and offers many other applications all carried out without the need to use a ladder, safely from ground level.

R2 Testing 5.6m Telescopic Pole Key Features:

  • A telescopic extendable pole with polyester resin baked enamel coating for durability.
  • 5.6 meters allowing you to quickly extend the pole across voids. Ideal for quick cable routing.
  • Super strong tubular construction means pole is self supporting giving you more control.
  • Save time when R2 testing, reach normally in-accessible exposed conductive parts.
  • Safer R2 testing: No more ladders of scissor lifts
  • Can be used anywhere: Offices, industrial units, street lights etc.