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Socket Testers

Socket Testers

Our range of socket testers and checkers from Kewtech, Martindale and Socket & See allow users to quickly and simple check the wiring of a socket. More advanced models can test earth loop impedance and voltage. We also stock units capable of testing 110V and 3-phase 415V sockets.
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  1. 230V Socket Testers
  2. 110V Socket Testers
  3. 415V Socket Testers
  1. Loop Impedance Check
  2. RCD Check
  3. Audible Indicator
  4. No Trip Loop Test (T-Safe)

About Socket Testers

Our range of HandyMAN, Kewtech, Martindale, Megger and Socket & See socket testers provide the user with an easy way of instantly checking 230V UK wall sockets for a range of different faults including missing earth, live earth reverse, live neutral reverse and missing neutral. The testers will convey the presence and nature of a fault using an audible buzzer and an LED display.

Socket testers vary in the number of faults they can detect and we also stock specialist testers for 110V supplies, 230V supplies and 415V supplies in addition to three-phase socket testers for commercial and industrial properties.