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Solar Kits & Irradiance Meters

Solar Kits typically feature a troubleshooting photovoltaic installation tester for solar panels which will detect different fault types using a number of different tests. They will also feature test leads and current clamps in addition to an irradiance meter which will measure the energy transmitted to Earth from the sun's rays.
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About Solar Kits & Irradiance Meters

Solar kits are designed to aid troubleshooting on photovoltaic installations thanks to their PV Installation testers which perform multiple tests including short circuit current, open circuit voltage, maximum power point voltage, current, power fill factor and insulation resistance. This is backed up in kits by useful solar-specific test leads and software packages. The final part of most kits is an irradiance meter.

Irradiance meters measure the amount of energy that gets to Earth from the Sun. Readings are given in Watts per square metre (W/m2) and allow a solar installer to select the most favourable position and angle for solar panels.