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Solar PV Testers & I-V Curve Tracers

Solar PV Testers & I-V Curve Tracers are designed to help maintenance professionals carry out proper servicing, maintenance and repairs on solar photo-voltaic installations. They can measure multiple parameters and provide a current-voltage curve.
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About Solar PV Testers & I-V Curve Tracers

Solar PV Testers allow users to perform maintenance and troubleshooting on faulty photovoltaic installations and solar panels by testing variables such open circuit voltage, short circuit current, maximum power point voltage, current, power, fill factor and insulation resistance. These installation tests are set out in BS EN 62446.

I-V (current-voltage) Curve Tracers work by measuring the current and voltage to produce an I-V power curve. This allows calculation of peak power, Rs and Rp for a photovoltaic installation, thus permitting more targeted maintenance.