Solar Shading Meter

The Solar Horizon Meter helps PV Engineers calculating whether shading from Buildings or trees will affect the Solar installation and to what degree.
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Solar Shading Meter / Sun Path Indicator

The Solar Horizon Meter enables the PV Installer to examine whether trees or buildings etc, will cast shadows on planned PV modules or collector surfaces. Shadowing can decrease the effectiveness of a solar energy system. The transparent sun path indicator sheets display the relevant annual irradiation curves with respect to the daily sunshine hours. If you look through the device after aligning it South using the compass, you will be able to identify objects which will obstruct the path of the sun at a given time and therefore cast a shadow. The installation location for solar collectors or solar modules is optimally chosen when no shadowing occurs or shadowing only occurs very early or late during the day. Especially during the transition periods in Autumn and Spring a solar system with combined hot water and space heating support should not be subject to shadowing. A PV system mounted on a roof with Western orientation naturally must not be shadowed during the afternoon.

This Solar Horizon Meter will give your customers confidence in your ability to provide the Azimuth of the sun and is normally when doing your initial solar horizon PV site survey. This Solar Horizon Meter includes compass and laminates to show sun paths at different times of the year.

Solar Shading Meter Key Features:

  • Calculate optimum position for Solar Irradiance
  • Present data to clients and customers
  • Offer the best return on investment
  • Calculate area with the least solar shading
  • Small & lightweight (Easier to use on roof)

What's In The Box?

  • 1 x Solar Shading viewfinder
  • Compass
  • Instruction Manual
  • 4 x Latitude sunpath charts

36°- 42° / 43° - 46° / 48° - 50° / 51° - 54° / 55° - 58° / 58° - 60°

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