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Solar PV Test Equipment Hire

Hire from our range of solar test equipment, with Seaward Solar Installation Testers and TMPV Solar PV Tool kits available with weekly hire rates. For more details or to arrange a hire, please phone 0113 248 9966 or click the "hire now" buttons below.
  1. Seaward PV150 Solarlink Test Kit


    • Measures earth continuity and insulation resistance
    • Measures open circuit voltage and short circuit current
    • Measure operating current with clamp
    • Measure solar power and compass bearing
    • Measures ambient & PV panel temperature
    • Inclinometer measures roof/panel angles

    The Seaward Solar PV150 Test Kit meets all the commissioning test requirements of the MCS and IEC 62446. Combining the PV150 Installation Tester with the Solar Survey 200R irradiance meter, this solar PV test kit offers the complete solution to PV installation testing, assessing and commissioning. This hire kit has all the required equipment to measure the electrical safety and performance of a solar voltaic systems, along with irradiance, roof pitch & orientation and temperature. Connects directly to the PV array for simple and testing.. The Seaward Solar Survey 200R Irradiance Meter is an advanced solar power meter that also performs the functions of a digital compass, digital inclinometer, ambient thermometer and PV panel thermometer.


    Excludes £10 carriage charge each way (collection optional)

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  2. Seaward PV200 Solarlink Test Kit


    • All-in-one commissioning tests 
    • View I-V curves using the FREE Android PVMobile Android app
    • Earth continuity, Insulation resistance and AC/DC voltage measurement
    • Open circuit voltage up to 1000VDC, MPP 1000VDC
    • Short circuit current up to 15ADC, MPP 15ADC
    • Clamp measure up to 40A, DC power up to 40kW

    This kit contains a Seaward PV200 PV Tester, an AC/DC current clamp, MC4 test leads, a Seaward Solar Survery 200R Irradiance Meter, and an irradiance meter mounting bracket. The PV200 provides a highly efficient and effective test and diagnostic solution for PV systems, carrying out all commissioning tests required by IEC 62446 and performing fast and accurate measurement of I-V curves in accordance with IEC 61829. When used in conjunction with the Solar Survey 200R irradiance meter, the PV200 measurement data can be converted to STC, using either the PVMobile app or SolarCert Elements software (not included), allowing direct comparison with the PV module manufacturer’s published data. 


    Excludes £10 carriage charge each way (collection optional)

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