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Sound Level Meters

Sound Level Meters

These sound level meters and decibel meters can display instant readings in dB or they can measure and record total sound exposure and noise pollution over extended periods of time. Decibel meters and sound meters are ideal for monitoring or testing sound in the workplace, hospitals, schools, factories and designated quiet zones. Check your sound exposure levels in dB with our dB meters and sound readers. We also supply personal Noise Dose Meters and Noise Dosimeters.
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About Sound Level Meters

We stock a huge range of sound meters and kits designed to monitor both personal noise exposure and environmental sound. Strict limits for noise exposure of workers are set out in the Noise at Work regulations so it is important to closely monitor these in order to safeguard workers' wellbeing and meet statutory requirements.

Our range includes sound level meters and personal dosemeters from the like of Castle, Extech, Martindale and SoundTEK. There are specific systems for monitoring environmental noise pollution with average and percentile measurement whilst personal safety systems measure dose and personal noise exposure.