SPC Portable Mini Energy Profile Logger SPCMini

Portable Energy Datalogging for power surveys up to 3 months, complete with PowerPack Pro software for accurate reporting, graphs & tariff comparisons
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SPC Mini - Portable Energy Logger

The SPCMini is easy to use - clip it on, check the load with the on-board display, set it to log, press the start button and you're done! It's also clever - it won't overwrite any previous surveys without warning you, and the logger electronics auto-ranges to ensure the highest levels of measurement accuracy at all times. Connection to the PC is via Bluetooth® - just like a mobile phone - so there's no need to plug cables into hard to reach sockets and our new PowerPackPro software is also simplicity itself to use. It provides setup/download, data presentation and reporting functions in a single user-friendly package.

The SPCMini has a large clear display, a massive 'Flash' memory - enough for 1 minute logging for over a month - and of course, it's completely secure. Set-up and data download is via an integrated Bluetooth® communication chip, compatible with virtually any PC running Windows, so the hassle of connecting cables is a thing of the past. The SPCMini is also extremely versatile and will provide accurate results on loads as small as 1 amp, right up to a maximum of 600 amps. The logging interval is fully adjustable from 1 second (ideal for logging short-term conditions such as motor starts or lift motors) all the way to 30 minutes for ultra-long-term surveys, and with a battery life of up to 3 months, long term means just that!

The SPCMini runs off a standard PP3 battery that gives it enough power for surveys of up to 3 months in the field should you so desire, but it doesn't rely on the battery for data security. The memory is non-volatile and completely secure regardless of battery condition, or even battery presence! You won't lose any data even if you take the battery out altogether! Similarly the SPCMini has its own back-up for its on-board clock, so once set, it retains its all important time and date settings for up to 10 years!

The 'PowerPackPro' PC software package has been developed specifically for the SPCMini and it has outstanding ease-of-use with many powerful features for effective energy management. It’s a ‘task oriented’ package, so even if you are not an expert in electrical energy it will always guide you in the right direction so that you will achieve accurate reporting first time, every time. It provides full set-up and control for the SPCMini allowing you to define your survey period and/or data storage rate. It automatically checks the SPCMini battery condition and clock settings and warns you if there is a problem with either. It also warns if data which has not been downloaded are about to be overwritten.

Once data have been downloaded for the logger, PowerPackPro does a lot more than simple graphing. The graphs are fully ‘zoomable’ in both axes, and have automatic scaling so your results are always effectively presented. Our unique ‘Data Logging’ wizard ensures that the energy values (kWh) that are derived from the SPCMini are always as accurate as possible, and also include all relevant set-up information on any reports that are created. The integrated energy costing capability allows multiple multi-rate tariffs to be entered to convert load profiles into accurate cost profiles, as well as enabling tariff comparisons to be made with real data.

What's In The Box?
  • 1 x SPCMini
  • 1 x PowerPackPro software on mini CD
  • 1 x PP3 Battery