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Vibration Analysers

Vibration Analysers

Vibration meters are the perfect instruments for monitoring machinery, troubleshooting and avoiding additional wear in industrial machinery. Castle also have vibration testers and loggers for monitoring hand arm vibration and exposure associated with power tools.
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About Vibration Analysers

Our vibration meter range has applications in both industrial maintenance and the monitoring of human vibration. Changes in acceleration, velocity, or displacement can indicate loose bearings or other degradation within a machine which enables the user to target preventative maintenance more effectively.

For human vibration, systems are available to monitor both hand arm vibration (HARM) and whole body vibration (WBV). Both HARM and WBV has been linked with debilitating conditions including hand arm vibration syndrome a.k.a. vibration white finger and chronic back pain. HARM is typically caused by power tools whilst WBV tend to be transmitted to workers though the floor or seat of ride-on machinery or vehicles.

Thickness gauges aid the user with performing corrosion surveys by checking for uniform thickness across the surface under test. This is also useful for targeting predictive maintenance.