Top 5 Reasons To Get Annual Test Instrument Calibration

It's a well-known fact that calibration is key to ensuring test and measurement instruments are delivering trustworthy results every time. Both the course of time and the continued use of an instrument may result in the a decline in the accuracy of the results provided.

On this basis, most manufacturers recommend calibration at a minimum of 12 month intervals, or when an instrument has performed a certain amount of tests. Unfortunately this recommendation is often overlooked, with users instead opting to wait for signs of deteriorating instrument performance before considering calibration or servicing.

Here are the top five benefits to performing a scheduled annual calibration on all test and measurement equipment:

1. Reliability & Consistency

Likely the most convincing argument for annual or regular test equipment calibration is the reliability and consistency it provides. As stated above, the accuracy of results can decline over time in many instruments, meaning the user cannot be certain that the results they are recording are accurate. Calibration ensures the instrument is performing within an acceptable range of accuracy on a consistent basis, providing you reassurance that instruments are delivering acceptable results. Many consider this to be the most important factor of an instrument, underpinning all other reasons for a scheduled calibration.

2. Safety

Safety is at risk when using equipment that has not received the proper calibration prior to use, due to the potential for inaccurate test and measurement results creating incorrectly functioning assets, machinery or infrastructure. In sectors such as gas, electrical and construction, accurate measurement or testing can be critical in ensuring measured parameters are within safe ranges, reducing the likelihood of dangerous accidents or malfunctions. Without an accurate report generated by an instrument, the safety of assets cannot be guaranteed.

3. Cost

Standardising equipment through regular or annual calibration will normally help improve your bottom line. Cost reduction is one of the major benefits of regular calibration, with poorly calibrated equipment often causing expensive yet avoidable errors. System downtime, during which dependant services and operations may not be able to run, can also create significant losses. In addition to this, reputation damage can put businesses at risk of loss of future partnerships and earnings when poor test and measurement has been performed by staff. This is extremely preventable, with the benefits of calibration far outweighing the dangers of postponing it.

4. Quality

Producing high quality results is a desirable outcome for all those performing test and measurement. From a compliance perspective, ensuring that results meet any national, institutional or organisational quality standards may also be required for work to be accepted upon completion. Calibrated and accurate instruments will in turn create quality outcomes, ensuring machinery, infrastructure or assets perform as desired.

5. Efficiency

Spending additional time on a project due to poorly calibrated equipment can be a major set back. No one wants to have to duplicate work due to inaccurate measurements or lack of confidence in delivered results. Not only do delays cause frustrating lulls in delivering a project or task, but often incur additional, unnecessary cost. Ensuring your test and measurement equipment is annually serviced will minimise delays in delivery and streamline the workflow of those involved, leading to greater productivity.


The significance of annual test and measurement instrument calibration cannot be stressed enough, not only due to operational and financial benefits, but also ethical motivations relating to safety. Ensuring that your calibration is performed by a trained professional is also critical, as incorrectly calibrated equipment can lead to dangerously inaccurate results.

Here at Test Meter, our team of experts calibrate test and measurement instruments for hundreds of sole traders and businesses, including some of the largest brands in the country. If you are interested in taking advantage of our calibration service, or want to find out more, click here to visit our calibration page.