Chauvin Arnoux C.A 895 CO Meter - Carbon Monoxide Tester

The Chauvin Arnoux CA 895 detects trace levels of CO Emissions (1000ppm) has an Average / Normal / Max / Hold & Audiable alarm
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Chauvin Arnoux C.A 895 CO Meter

The Chauvin Arnoux C.A 895 is designed for detecting trace amounts of CO (Carbon Monoxide) it is a small and compact CO Meter and is protected by a shockproof sheath, the Physics Line C.A 895 CO-gas detector detects and measures Carbon Monoxide Emissions.

Some interesting info about Carbon Monoxide:

  • Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, tasteless and toxic gas produced by the incomplete combustion of carbonaceous materials: coal, paper, gasoline, diesel oil, gas, wood, etc.
  • Lighter than air, it rapidly diffuses in the atmosphere leaving no way to detect it, which gives it its dangerous character.
  • Many sources of carbon monoxide can be found in the home: gas stoves, fuel fired furnaces and gas water heaters and chimneys.
  • Cigarette smoking: each smoked cigarette emits 50 mg of CO.
  • To avoid dangerous levels of CO, it is important to maintain all combustion appliances in good working order: charcoal heaters, gas heaters, wood stoves, hot water heaters, gas stoves, open chimneys; schedule chimney-sweeping and flare conduit cleaning at least once a year.
  • One must assure that there is adequate ventilation in rooms containing combustion installations (kitchen, garage, bathroom) and especially avoid blocking or crushing ventilation apertures.
More Information
  • Measurement range: from 0 to 1000ppm
  • 2 Modes: “normal” for detection of CO & “average” to find the source
  • “beeper” indication of possible risk (CO concentration bearable by people)
  • Accuracy: ±5 ppm ±5% of reading
  • Memorising of maximum value
  • Hold function
  • 3 1/2-digit display (2,000 counts)
  • Dimensions: 237x60.5x38mm
  • Weight: 190g