C.Scope SGV4-D Datalogging One Watt Signal Generator

  • Two signal frequencies with 131kHz frequency for smaller or unearthed cables
  • Datalogging function saves all activity to the internal memory 
  • Applies both signal frequencies via direct contact, wraparound or induction
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C.Scope SGV4 Datalogging One Watt Signal Generator

The C.Scope SGV4 Datalogging One Watt Signal Generator is a very useful instrument that enhances the capabilities of C.Scope Cable Avoidance Tools. It produces a signal with adjustable power up to one watt which can be used to energise underground metal pipes and cables via direct contact, wraparound or induction from above ground. The one-watt maximum power is ideal for energising longer, deeper pipes/cables thus allowing greater accuracy in cable location.

Two different frequencies - 33kHz and 131kHz - can both be applied using all three techniques, unlike with the SGA4 Signal Generator. The 131kHz frequency is particularly useful for finding short, thin, or unearthed wiring.

The C.Scope SGV4 can produce a pulsed or continuous energising signal which is more accurate in crowded or noisy environments whilst an automatic daily self test helps ensure accuracy without the need for regular calibration.

As a datalogging signal generator, the C.Scope SGV4 saves all activity which can be recalled on the backlit digital screen at any time. Activity data can be saved to a PC via a USB cable for analysis with free C.Scope PC Toolkit software.

An in-built accessory tray is a very useful function whilst the IP65-rated casing is ideal for use in challenging environments. The C.Scope SGV4 is covered by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

C.Scope part number: SGV4-D

Key Features

  • Output signals: 33kHz and 131kHz
  • Output power: Adjustable up to 1W
  • Direct contact, wraparound and induction
  • Pulsed or continuous output
  • Auto Daily Self Test
  • Stores all activity in internal memory
  • Data transfer via USB cable
  • In-built accessory tray
  • IP65 weatherproof rating 
  • Three-year warranty
More Information
  • Visual Indication: Multi-segment Liquid Crystal Display indicating: Output Frequency; Pulse Mode; Continuous Mode; Battery Condition; Output Level (bargraph); Speaker Mute, Self Test Result 
  • Audio Indications: Audio Feedback on button push; Audio pitch drops with increasing load current in Connected Mode; Audio pitch changes with power level in Induced Mode; Audio output pulses to indicate Pulsed Mode; Low battery indicated by interrupted Audio and output signal
  • Data Connector: Standard USB Mini B connector. USB 2.0 Compatible 
  • Self Test: Automatic Daily Self Test and manual Self Test function 
  • Output: Induced: 131,072Hz and 32,768Hz ; Connected = 131,072Hz and 32,768Hz; Carrier Pulse Frequency: 7.5Hz (pulsed mode)
  • Connected Mode: Connection Mode automatically selected when lead is plugged into socket; Maximum Output Voltage (open circuit): 28V rms; Maximum Output Current (short circuit): 65mA rms; Maximum Power: 1W into 400Ω load 
  • Construction: Case moulded from high impact plastic. Designed to withstand 1m (3’3”) drop onto a hard surface Incorporates clip on accessory storage compartment 
  • Weight: 3.4kg (7 lb 7 oz) 
  • Dimensions: 360mm x 180mm x 230mm (14.1” x 7” x 9”) 
  • Battery Type: Internal 4 x ‘D’ (LR20) cells (either alkaline non-rechargeable or NiMH rechargeable) 
  • Battery Life: Up to 40 hours intermittent use at 20oC (68oF) using alkaline cells 
  • IP rating: 65
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