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  • Is an Increase in Green Energy Usage Keeping Electricians Safer?

    The 1st of January 2019 was a significant date on the electrical calendar, it was the day we at last saw the implementation of the 18th Edition of the IET wiring regulations. First introduced in July 2018, changes were made across the board as chapters were redesigned, rewritten or indeed introduced for the very first time. Definitions were altered, the scope was extended, and a declaration was made concerning only using the approved parts. Beyond these amendments however, perhaps the most important difference was the emphasis placed both directly and indirectly on green energy.

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  • Using Thermal Imaging for Mould Detection


    Mould is a widespread problem affecting old and new buildings alike, particularly when new windows or doorframes are fitted retrospectively. Thermal imaging can be used in conjunction with humidity and air temperature measurement to detect mould-friendly conditions before a serious problem develops, thereby protecting the health of occupants and workers as well as lowering costs of remedial work.

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