High Voltage Test Equipment Hire

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  1. Features

    • 5kV insulation testing
    • Polarisation index measurement
    • Dielectric absorption ratio
    • Ramp testing
    • Dielectric discharge
    • Large, advanced internal memory

    7 Day Hire

    Excludes £10 Carriage Charge Each Way (Collection Optional)

    The Megger MIT525 5kV Insulation Resistance Tester is useful high voltage insulation tester that is capable of measuring the resistance of insulation in high voltage installations. It also offers readings for polarisation index, dielectric absorption ratio, step voltage testing, dielectric discharge testing and ramp testing.

    The tester can also perform insulation testing at lower voltages and has a maximum reading of 10TΩ. It has a clear digital display and operates from a rechargeable battery.

  2. Features:

    • High and low power output selection for condition diagnosis
    • Powered by mains or by rechargeable battery
    • Outputs 10A for 60 seconds
    • CATIII 600V safety rating
    • IP54 ingress protection
    • Easy to use

    7 DAY HIRE

    Excludes £10 carriage charge each way (collection optional)

    The Megger DLRO10HD is a battery powered, portable ducter capable of outputting currents of up to 10A. Featuring five user-modes, the DLRO10HD is suitable for a range of applications including routine maintenance checks on HV electrical components and OEM tests.

    With a 10 µΩ resolution and 0.2% basic accuracy, the DLRO10HD can produce quick and accurate measurements. Supplied with 2 x 1.2m length duplex handspike test leads.

Showing 2 Items