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  • Legionella: Why And Where You Should Be Testing

    Typically, we humans have nothing to fear when it comes to Legionella bacteria. This naturally occurring microorganism can often be found in freshwater lakes or streams, posing no real threat whatsoever. The danger of Legionella only arises when this bacterium begins to flourish in environments much closer to home, and in greater concentrations.

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  • CO2 Monitoring: Identifying poorly ventilated areas

    CO2 Monitoring: Identifying poorly ventilated areas

    Further to the reopening of the UK economy following lockdown, Government ministers want offices, pubs, and restaurants to identify poorly ventilated spaces as part of their risk assessment to continue help prevent further outbreaks of COVID-19. Previous Government advice stressing the importance of face-coverings and social distancing has now been amended so that ventilation is now a ‘priority’ for risk assessments. Developments in the scientific understanding of how the virus spreads - mainly through aerosol transmission -  has prompted these changes. 

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